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Netizens on Twitter are dredging up old tweets of AltNews co-founder Mohammed Zubair after a social media user on Monday highlighted how the β€˜fact-checker’ who instigated the blasphemy threats against Nupur Sharma has a history of making derogatory posts over Hinduism and Hindu Gods.

After being exposed for his Hinduphobic posts, Zubair quickly pulled down his Facebook account, perhaps to scrub it clean of its controversial content. However, social media users pointed out how Zubair has been a serial offender, and his offences are not restricted to Facebook alone but extend well into the Twitter realm.

A raft of social media users dug up old tweets from the AltNews co-founder where he made uncharitable comments on Hindu beliefs and made Hindu Gods the object of his ridicule. They have demanded the arrest of AltNews co-founder who had recently triggered a barrage of blasphemy threats against Nupur Sharma for her comments on Prophet Muhammad derived from authentic Islamic Hadiths.
❀️ day ka fact checker.

If he has balls, ask him to fact check Nupur Sharma
Why is this post on LI? Can the moderator please moderate out non-law related posts? Have seen a massive spike in useless posts recently, and they drown out useful posts, which makes it harder to find market intelligence. This stuff can go on twitter/ Reddit/ 4chan
Bhaiya, sex life se makeup se coffee machine sab discuss hota hai. This is LI compensating for its comments on Nupur Sharma post. karne de na! tu thand pa!
Haan none of these posts should be on here, but lately there are just far too many. It’s difficult to find posts about Trilegal’s competition team :P
Someone please fact check this article? This is a whole crock of bull.
What are you smoking?
Don't you have a real job other than posting sanghi lies?
Show how it's a lie.

Go ahead.

Let's not create a culture of name-dropping allegations without corresponding controversions.
Altnews has done more work targeting BJP propoganda and lies. They should be given awards for their work.
Yes, because Altnews has single-handedly maintained the communal divisions alive and works into the BJP's propaganda to keep hindus in perpetual fear. Zubair and BJP are two sides of the same coin.
SangChi, share pictures? Screenshots? News reports? Evidence?

Aise to I can also write that I am the best Judicial Officer in Delhi. Modi is RaGa's elder twin. Putin is Modi's chacha.
And what if the the offence is made up by sanghis using photoshop?

We all know your playbook. No one is fooled anymore.

Try filling up twitter with your farts please. No one is buying your stink here.
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