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No one is being cool they are just exposing the reality.SAM is bad and CAM is literally the worst.These firms don't realise that when they are throwing stones and trying to demolish people's lives and homes their own big offices and homes are also glass houses that others will start to throw stones on.
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The pay at ahmedabad is at par with the other branches
A friend joining the team shared the info
Think of it from the point of view of a student and you'll know. Har baat pe CAM bad SAM bad bolke cool banna band karde bhai/behn/bxhn/bhxi.
Ask for a physical intership. Be proactive and seek out work. Do it well. Try to see if you can get direct work from a partner. Look interested. Give an impression you are there for more than a certificate. Wear clean and ironed clothes. Don't have unkempt hair.

That's all.
From LI I understand that the work environment is not really good but got the internship after a lot of efforts and need to convert this. Pls guide.