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What is your review about the culture/ experience/ partners and associates to work with etc?
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Partners are very okay. Nothing maha great. But decent work. Mid level associates (SAs and PAs) are below average at best.
I think the above isnt correct.
Heard their disputes team boasts of some of the smartest and genuine associates and seniors to work with
Ive never seen Trilegal as AOR in any half-big matter in Bom HC in the last number of yrs. That should tell u enough about their Bom disputes practice.
Only hope for firms like Trilegal and KCO to make it in Bombay Disputes is to poach hardened, well networked disputes Partners from reputed home grown firms like Hariani, Rashmikant, Rajani, DSK, C. Bayley and WG. Even T2 firms like Juris Corp and ELP have better representation as AOR in half-big commercial matters in BHC.
True. Most Senior Counsels and several Counsels in HC wont even know who these Trilegal partners/ppl are. Join such a place for lit if you want a decent salary and virtually zero challenging work.
FWIW most good Counsel (think Nimay Dave, Farhan Dubash,Biren Saraf types) do get briefed by Trilegal/KCO/L&L etc so they will know them. As I said quite a few of the Bombay Disputes Partners in these T1 firms are themselves alumni of old school Solicitor firms.
True. But you only need to ask the 3 you yourself named as to what they think of the quality of Trilegal cadre. Original side is fairly unanimous in their opinion of who are the really competent attorneys. A few of the old school solicitor firms have expanded their appellate side practice a great deal the past few years too.
The new partner from Sam is doing quite quite well which I have heard!
Is Trilegal, Mumbai (disputes team) giving offline internships?
How is the culture and slary like at the Mumbai disputes office?