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Hello folks,

I am applying to Cambridge's LLM courses and almost entirely done with the applications. I wanted to know opinions from individuals who have previously studied at Cambridge or successfully gotten a conditional offer (preferably between years 2018-21), what is the best way for answering the mandatory segment on 'Reasons for Applying'?

Since Cambridge breaks down its personal statement/statement of purpose into 2-3 questions that have to be answered directly on the portal and as it does not provide explicit guidance unlike Oxford or other UK universities, what are the best ways of going about answering this part?
Lie like crazy. It's expected. All your competitors will do so in any case. Write how your heart bleeds for those who can't get justice, rights, equity etc. and you are just raring to use your manna of knowledge and wisdom offered by Cambridge to deliver the hapless from evil in your developing nation right after you finish your Masters.
depends on what you want to do after your llm and how do you think your llm is going to help you to attain that goal.

so if you want to be an academic, then say that llm is the first step in your career, you want to have foundation in future research, find niche, develop phd proposal etc.

if you want to do it for career advancement then say that you have worked for some time in the industry and want to develop more critical abilities in your chosen practise area, explain how this will help you to advise your client in more balanced way

if you want to move to policy, say how your past work experience will inform your future decisions and how llm will deepen your knowledge base, provide your with better research abilities, look at the problem from diff angles etc

for all the above you can also add that cambridge will allow you to study under leading faculties and in an environment which is bit diff from undergrad, so you would get a diverse experience; you can softly bring in networking aspects and what you can contribute