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My brother is a CAn. He works for KPMG and his annual salary is 8 LPA. He cleared his final exam in 2nd attempt.
McKinsey pays 22-24. The others pay more and in 2-3 years, you're looking at 35+.
Come out of your small audit firm presumption for fresher CAs. The equivalent is district court fresher advocate with no connect.

CAs with soft skills and good articleships give top finance MBAs a run for their money.

Big banks and Corporates see groomed CAs at par with top MBA finance grads (I.e. 25 LPA+)
An engineer will not understand his employment contract to save his career or life!
Well I saw a thread here which looked surreal but maybe was actually true. It was about highest earning lawyers in India. According to it HS makes in the vicinity of 200-300 crores. Same goes to some other eminent advocates. It places some of the partners with the most equity in T1 firms at about 50 C marks and other partners too at 5-10 C. Now I am not saying that every lawyer makes that but at least in corporate law if you handle the pressure/ torture you eventually will. In fact if you have the chance to make that as an advocate too but that will happen in decades (unless you are extremely talented i.e Jethmalani or Palkhiwala level or have a solid backing.)

So their income is certainly high and can compete with the salary of CEOs of tech giants. It's just that these CEO's also most of the time have equity in the corporation. So their main income source is that. But yes, if you stick to it I can say that in corporate law for sure you will make as much as people from other professions. (Maybe there exist some exceptions.)
Could have given you a more detailed ans but my 10th boards are starting from tomorrow so I am pondering over whether I should start studying or not.
Only in LI and among deluded law folks is maths not a benchmark. Maths is very much the base layer on which disruptive technological advancements are made, be it AI, robotics, internet, decentralized finance, blockchain or even simply coding. This is not to mention that any industrial/ mechanical/ engineering activity of any kind is based on maths. These are the innovations that create wealth generation opportunites, not being service providers by selling time. The fact that you're unable to understand it, yet wonder about the limited earning potential of lawyers, makes me realize that you could be clueless about the economic realities of the world you find yourself in.
Even those CS engineering grads you think are making 24/25 LPA, their base salaries are perhaps lesser than 15/16. Amazon for instance calls it's package of 31 LPA and gives base salary of 14 LPA. RSUs are divided in 4 years.

All top MBA grads would line up to get recruited in MBB consulting firms and even MBB give 21 LPA package to their newly recruits and in hand is around 19 only.

Law grads after 4/3 years start making around 30 LPA. Also, look at the favourable taxation system. Even if you make 30 LPA, your in-hand will be more than people making 35
Absolutely. However, such comparison is fallacious, since the kind of talent those field attract in top 500 is radically different and better - especially true for IT and MBA.
Comparable bola. Equal nhi. And Maths is not a benchmark.
Chartered Accountants in their T1 profiles also make 25 LPA+
No they dont. Only a few start with over 15L. Most CA start around 7L to 8L.
Considering the amount of work that is expected from a lawyer straight out of law school (even if it's menial), the pay is substantially less.
Please don't state associates straight out of law school add little value, the same is true for consultants and other such profession. In their case at least training and mentoring is standard practice, this is something that is almost completely absent and even looked down upon in the legal sphere.
Law isn't even in the top 5 degrees/professions one can take after 12th + college.

I'm not comparing pure talent based self employed work like art/music or other items that stem from social media.

Data/Product based jobs for CS people gets easy 20LPA+ start where kids have multiple offers to chose from, always.

Any grad + MBA (top 15 colleges) easily results into 20LPA+

Chartered Accountants in their T1 profiles also make 25 LPA+

For law, 500 kids every year get 15/16 and that's it.
If we compare the top 500/100 kids in the above professions, they make 40+LPA/50+LPA at age 23/24.

By age 27, they're rolling into 1 CR+ with esops and offers from abroad.
Equal intelligence? A law fellow will struggle to solve 10th standard maths to save his life
Yup, law firms do not pay well, also taking into account the investment in an NLU degree. This is about the initial years of a law firm job. The pay, I have been told, has stagnated and looks dismal. Some say it's largely due to there being no foreign firms plus unchecked practices.
Only the top engineering colleges pay well. Also a lot of these engineering grads with high packages you see have stock option and other such conponents which inflates the ctc. I have seen engineers with ctc of 21L receive only 1L per month in hand.
Hey, you are right. You may as well check out of the California hotel on NH 65 now rather than sticking around to take the degree. Go build a unicorn, that's what people with comparable intelligence or less are doing these days.
If you join a trad corporate law firm, even a T1, there's so many higher paying options for students with comparable intelligence right out of school if they'd gone for things other than law school? Is this traditional spiel of law pays well not very accurate now? Seems like that as a fifth year. Being placed from a great DU college or doing SBCS, architecture, higher end of engineering colleges etc.? Change my mind if I'm wrong!