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I am a 4th year student in mid tier NLU, please if someone can help me with - How is the work at S&R Associates? Which is their major practice areas? How is the procedure for offering PPOs or hiring?
Heard recently a 4th year student from HNLU bagged a PPO.

Commendable team for disputes as well GC, M&A etc., but they mostly eat humble pie compared to Lalajis like CAM, SAM, and even Jyoti Sagar
If you want to go off to Singapore or UK after 4-5 years then their Cap Marks team is the place to be. IYKYK
If you're at a mid-tier NLU, you should be a realistic. S&R is highly selective even at top law schools.
how do they hire? Do they give PPOs/call back/ assessment ?
Don't go by this comment. They don't care which NLU you're from or if you're not from an NLU altogether. They've given PPOs to people from Christ and the like. If you're good enough the firm will welcome you irrespective of the toxic pedigree culture LI propogates.
Yeah that's right they dont care about which college you are from...if you have a foreign post grad degree. Then they don't care. As long as you have done any irrelevant masters from any irrelevant university, they will hire you.
LI's likes and dislikes are a classic example of sample bias. Whatever @4.2 is saying is true.
Cam anyone throw light on hirings or recruitment process of S&R? I'm currently interning there.
They are very selective even when it comes to the lower end of T1 NLUs (NLUJ/GNLU/NLIU). Anyone who says otherwise is naive. They may have given PPOs to HNLU kids but that's a rarity, not the norm.