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It certainly works in companies, but does it work in law firms too, especially for A0 recruitment?
Are these referrals exclusive to lateral hiring from law firms only or would an in house bloke get the same love as well? Asking for a friend. ;_;
Definitely does. At Trilegal and erstwhile Amarchand referring a person who gets hired used to get you a weekend vacation or a bonus
OP here. Thanks for your responses. Quick follow up - if someone cold emails seniors in the firm, would that count as a referral too (assuming the email reaches the HR as well from the senior forwarding it)?
Thanks - and what do the HRs usually do in that case? Do they review the CVs and schedule interviews?
Hr are the only ones who will say No to you despite of the reference, God knows what they know about the law and the work which has to be done
Why would an HR reject a referred candidate? At least they can give an interview.
A whole load of rubbish. Yes referrals work, but they are nothing in comparison to those hired on pure merit (like those from NLUs)
At KCO it definitely does. Got into KCO with almost no prior internships (at KCO or elsewhere) and from a non-NLU.
By got into you mean an internship, or a ppo/job. They exist in different realms buddy.
Kindly help me top dear Kco associate. I m seeking job opportunities
considering the fact the partner is willing to make a referral , does the person cv has to be the best for reference or does the partner words make the confirmation itself?
Do referrals from ex employees work? Specifically at azb and trilegal ? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Are you compensated/rewarded by the firm for a successful referral? What is the reward in CAM, SAM, KCO, Trilegal etc.