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He's a good chap and very reasonable to work with. Encourages juniors to think for themselves. Has a good mix of direct and indirect tax work. Not too stressful either. (.....) hard working and an excellent human being.
Something similar I have heard from a friend who works there. The tax advisory work that the team does is quite diverse and he is a good mentor.
Don’t think they have any formal process, you may have to reach out to someone in his team or maybe him directly.
I interned with this team in 2019. It was an excellent experience. The work environment was good and tax work that I did was interesting. An internship that opened me to tax and made me pursue it seriously.
PPO don’t think so - a batchmate of mine who interned in his 5th year was informally told that he will be hired but no formal offer, very selective with hiring
I hear its a small team so work pressure can be steep, only good thing may be getting to do both direct and indirect tax.
Which is fine I guess, but I don’t think they usually recruit. Any idea on the team structure, as to how many associates and sa are there?
Not sure but I guess a couple of associates and SAs. They are looking to hire as I know someone who was interviewed recently.
I have interned with this team and I really wanted to join them but could not make the cut for whatever reason. After working with other tax teams in other law firms I can say that this is one of the better teams to work with, Aditya is humble, gives you space and is not unnecessarily aggressive.