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No no . It's MI , CSK , RCB Its actually kkr . This team has the most toxic fanbase whether it's on social media or any other places .
U should know the reason

Imagine that happen to u

U know u hate someone cause they did something wrong towards u
Is the hate for RCB here a disguised hate/jealousy of NLSIU? Regarding the trolling of Gill, it is coming from anonymous handles. How do you know they are RCB fans? They could well be Pakistani handles trying to cause mischief. They have a track record of doing this.
It's all csk because no value for other players they just need dhoni for batting they want other players to get out worst team i have ever seen
So called loyal fans are abusing ghil in his instagram just because he knocked out rcb this fantards are really something
RCB fans are most toxic and jealous, but no hate for team and players....due to their fans other people started trolling Virat and RCB
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You should see Mr Nags interview, we are ok to laugh at ourselves :)
Lol, just like non-wokes have ruined the meaning of the word 'woke'?
Can we please stop using the word "toxic" for everything? Wokes have ruined the meaning of this word to mean everything they don't like!
RCB - never won even once, and it is unclear why fans like them. Their performance has been dismal, and even their women's team did badly in the inaugural WPL.
Funny. I was going to post a topic like this today. You beat me to it! I was gonna post about Kohli.

I am disgusted at the way Kohli behaved towards Ganguly and his blind fanboys trolling DC and Ganguly. Even if you have problems with someone, at least shake their hand, bro.

Kohli is an insufferable, arrogant prick.
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And here we are , a mumbaikar or CSK fan saying RCB fans are most toxic ☠️
Rcb has most toxic fanbase just because they didn't won any ipl trophy so they started to abuse other team players ! As neutral fan rcb has most toxic fanbase!