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I could not find anything on previous Legally India conversation threads. Please help with the salary and work culture of any of the firms:

1. Chandhiok and Mahajan
2. Dhir and Dhir
A1 salary? I'm curious what's the market trend for promotion from 50k
Really? Me and 2 of my friends we all joined at 25k per month. It’s not 50 at all.
Salary - No Idea, but not more than 40-50k pm.

Work - Some teams have good people, some bad. We're expected to work everyday though.

Source: Intern.
C&M has an excellent competition law and IBC practice, Freshers i guess 75k
C&M has recruited with promises of matching salaries and then does various deductions. No increments. Even what was promised 30% was cut. I moved from a boutique firm which had higher ranking than C&M and now am earning less. Beware of fake promises. Lots of false marketing and pretence camaraderie.
Choose anything but Dhir, it's a joke of a firm with how unprofessional and unorganised they are. Salary is sub-par, far beneath industry standards. Decent IBC work but otherwise terrible in all aspects.
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