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How is Manisha Shroff's team at Khaitan ? Heard there were a lot of exits lately. Is it a good time to go there ? [Associate Level]
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Most people who were there have quit within a year. Definitely not a good sign. And the worse part is given the issues with the said person in the past as well, a firm like KCO isn’t willing to address these issues!
This is the biggest issue with kco. They don't care! There are several toxic partners about whom complaints have been made, yet nothing happens. They have lost good talent bcoz this attitude. Unlike AZB who doesn't promise anything easy life, kco will make big promises, sugar coat stuff but never walk the talk.
What do you mean, 'firm like KCO isn't willing to address these issues'? Just curious, has KCO addressed these issues previously?
It's high time that toxic partners are publicly called out so that people actively stop applying to their teams.

Already people are working inhumane hours. Uske upar inhumane boss nahi chahiye.
If you’re up to work 12-14h a day, everyday till the moment you quit, all the while having to deal with an extremely bad case of micro managing - then it’s the place to be!

Trust me, I’ve just quit the team myself over last couple months. Best decision of my life.
Cribbing whining post. Question asked and answered by the same person.
Seems like KaKCO truth is out and is hurting them, instead of cribbing improve