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Today we had our orientation and the total participants were 270 out of which 66 were PG students and 204 UG students.

GNLU has a total of 198 seats inclusive of Unreserved seats + horizontal reservations (Women, Gujarat Domicile, EWS) and vertical reservations (OBC, SC/ST), NRI (18 seats) and 11 seats which are inclusive of special reservations (NEI residents, Sports Quota & J&K residents).

The total number thus stands at 207. With a batch size of 207 students, is GNLU becoming the new Jindal? It is entirely possible that it will deteriorate the batch considering the fact that each year, a total of 60-70 students get placed which is less than 33% of the total batch size.

I want to know everyone’s thoughts regarding this...
Agree with you and I personally think there should not be any reservation anywhere, but GNLU has the backing if the Gujarat lobby and may get a good NIRF rank tomorrow.
No reservation anywhere? Is LI comments section exclusively filled up with bigots who have the same 2-3 talking points they got from a right wing mouthpiece on Twitter?
How will the NIRF rank help in the academics or the placement?
Look at it this way. Probably only 60 out of the 200 are pure merit seats, without caste, NRI, domicile and other quotas. So in that sense the good students have nothing to worry about placements.
I assume you are new. I'm glad you're here at GNLU and I hope you have a good time. Let's deal with your skepticism now.

Large batch sizes have never been a deterrent for GNLU. There is essentially no distinction between reserved and general pupils. In fact, if you look at the batch's top scorers who are already enrolled in the college, you'll notice that the majority of them got enrolled in the college with some sort of reservation. I am talking about your (5th years, 3rd years and 2nd years).I now turn to the employment prospectus. Let's use the 18-23 batch as an example. A total of 122 students sat for placements or too help from CRA. 74 of those students were successful in landing a tier 1 jobs. Day 0 and PPOs are both included in this. The hiring process is currently in progress, and many students were able to land jobs beyond Day Zero because of the ongoing hiring process.

So, all told, perhaps 100 students were able to find employment in some capacity in the present batch of 18-23. The recruitment procedure is still ongoing, and additional applicants will be accepted at the last minute. We have a lot of examples where it has been seen that a small percentage of students actually manage to get employment right before or even after their final semester of college. As a result, 115–120 out of the 125 students who apply for placements actually land jobs.

Thus, instead of being so doubtful, concentrate on learning and experiencing many different areas of law. Also, remember to keep your grades high you will sail through. Best of luck and welcome.