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I have an internship at a an well paying boutique firm (Assesment internship).However the name of the firm is not very known. I also have an internship scheduled for the same month at Argus Partners. What do you think will be a better internship considering having known names on your CV gives you an advantage? Also can someone please give hiw Argus is. Even though they are a good tier two I don't see their names on many deals and what's the pay
What is the salary for an A0 in the litigation team of Argus Partners, Mumbai coming from a non nlu?
Bumping this up.
Can anyone highlight the work culture at their Mumbai office?
They're a very good firm with some wonderful partners and supportive seniors. When I was there, we were always short staffed & that bothered a lot of us because the firm perhaps just couldn't find the right talent to hire. That always resulted in a lot of pressure on existing resources. I hope they have solved it. The market perception now is that they are somewhere between Tier 2 and Tier 3 but honestly they have a lot of potential to be better than that.
What were the working hours like, especially compared to tier 1s?
Depending upon the location, the work may start from 9.30 or 10. If you are in litigation and have a filing or appearance, it might start even earlier.

People are encouraged to leave early and no unwritten rule that you have to stay until the partner stays. But, if you have work, you probably would be expected to start work after you reach home.

All in all, It would be similar to any other similarly placed Firms. Some days would be brutal, some days would be light. There would be teams, which probably did not get to enjoy a single weekend, and there would be teams, which are slightly lucky in that regard.

But, what you get is supportive seniors, who are equally invested in you and in the process. That might make the grinding out a tad bit bearable.
Not to take away credit where it is due, a very good firm should not have found it difficult to attract the right talent and remain short-staffed.
It is difficult to retain right people, if they are poached by Tier 1 firms. At a junior level, the lure of joining a bigger brand (and comparatively higher pay) is difficult to ignore.
then the obvious business sense is raising the pay? Do lawyers just not understand this concept.

The lure is the lure of money, not to fund vacations, but to pay off loans, people take in a lot of debt in these colleges where firms like these like to solely select from.
Thank you for the response! They have been hiring in the last couple of years. Hope that resolves what you pointed out.
A would-be joining Associate at A0 level is clarifying for the Firm stating it has been hiring for the last couple of years and further stating that this clarification satisfies the point that has been raised by a previous employee. :-)
Sir, with all due respect, before finalising the acceptance of the offer from Argus, I did a humble research on their hiring trend in the last couple of years and that is why I commented on my senior's query.
Very little information about them. Do they take in freshers? How can one apply?
Further details about the Firm is available in the website ( One may also follow their linked-in page, where the details about vacancy and other updates are published.

One may apply for a position, either by applying through the website (, or by sending email to, specifying clearly the location preference and the area of your interest.

They take freshers, but only directly from colleges, or through PPO.
They recruit from the campus of NLUs like NALSAR, NUJS. That much I can confirm.
Why would anybody from NALSAR and NUJS join Argus at junior associate levels when there are so many better options?
If someone misses out on a Day Zero job for having a bad day, an Argus offer may seem quite good. There are also city considerations. Argus has an office in Kolkata for example when few other firms do. As tier two firms go, it is not a bad option.
Valid point but Argus isn't really a Tier 2. They're more like Tier 3 but will be Tier 2 soon.
They don't lol... Argus only shortlists top 10 rankers, who would be already shortlisted by SAM or CAM. Why would anyone in their right minds ditch 16 LPA for 9 LPA
They do take freshers by offering PPOs and college placements.
Any idea regarding salary of A0 in Disputes team at Argus Partners, Kolkata.
What's the salary and work culture at Bangalore transactions team like?
Any information about the Kolkata office? Heard they have good corporate partners and deals.
They are a bit short staffed. Long hours (but the same is the case for any top tier law firm). Really supportive seniors. Its a good choice, and they pay significantly high compared to Kolkata standards.
I m trying to secure internship at Argus Kolkata, but am not receiving anything is there any specific mail id? Pls let me know.
Yar, Argus HR does not reply. How to get an internship there??? The firm itself has great culture, is what my seniors have told me.
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