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Question for Kian: I have a copy of a PhD thesis by an NUJS professor. It is publicly available online on the UGC portal Shodhganga like every Indian thesis. Apart from the quality of writing and research being terrible, I have found the thesis to be almost entirely plagiarised after running it through state of the art plagiarism software. I would like to know if LI will permit the professor to be named and the plagiarism report to be shared. I am also fine if LI pauses publication, emails the professor and gives him 5 days to respond, and then publishes it.

Waiting for an answer....

Is it a new thesis, that has been recently published, or is it an old one that has already done the rounds?
Was the old one ever fully posted, other than one or two pages of turnitin report?
OP here. It's an old thesis but it has not "done the rounds" in entirety. The full report is not available.
Just FYI, you start this thread and 50% of faculty in NLUs will be on this list for plagiarism.
@OP: If you really want the concerned person to be held accountable, then why don't you send the report to the BCI, UGC, and the Executive Bodies of the university? Surely a formal complaint would yield some official action? Posting it on LI won't do any good other than producing a few laughs for a day.
Surely a formal complaint would yield some official action?

If the BCI and UGC do not take any official action for reported complaints on plagiarism, then it is no longer a crime or misconduct according to them.
bro chill. why do you wanna expose the prof ? is it just plagiarism then there are 1000s of profs who plagiarise ? try to help someone instead exposing someone for his mistakes
Go ahead, file a complaint against him instead of anon trolling here.
A 44-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
If I am not mistaken, then this same person is now actually a part of the [...]. Oh, the irony!
Kian, why did you censor that part exactly? It is an official committee the membership of which is known to everyone in the university.
Why beat around the bush? The "particular" is Prof is well known. Also the teach who aims this "name and shame" gun towards the particular Prof in question doesn't have a PhD despite all the study leave being given and support extended by King Singh. The teach's friends who were helpfully made "Professors" recently by Kesh Kala (that's the hair dye used) love this "name and shame". But people in glass houses should not throw stones at others. Their PhD theses are also similarly punctuated with Turnitin alerts.

Does the 'name and shame' teach really not know or probably doesn't care if the "friends" to get singed? Maybe Kesh Kala is giving the confidence that justice will finally be done to the Injustice League?

"Name and shame" did this trigger you?

But it was a "Professor" friend of yours who circulated this story and made you and your friends (in)famous. Again. Why drag a "particular" professor in all this?

Since we are on plagiarism etc here is something

Truth somewhere in the middle? Just like what 'name and shame' really wants is 'particular' prof to back off from following a certain course of action. Last time a low-blow caused the particular prof to "voluntarily" back off. Another swing now, eh?
With that many obscure internal references, your comment should have been an institutional email, not a public post. Not that I disagree with anything that you have written.
Don't angry me! You think that Bombing my Kesh will not have consequences. I will ByomKesh you out.
Man enough whatsboutism. If there’s any other prof you think is behind this and they’ve plagiarised- you can make that stuff public too. Help raise our standards. Not lower them.
Pursue this and very few faculty members will be left in NUJS. Even Kesh Kala will lose hair...I mean Chair. But this probably holds true for academia generally in India and other places as well.
LI should, but theyve become quite aligned with nlu administrators over the years. I cannot remember the last time they spoke truth to power. This whole "dont expose people for their mistakes" and "why not file an official complaint" stuff is BS. its not your responsibility to put your career in jeopardy to complain about this person. And this person didn't accidentally leave the lights on when they left the room or accidentally litter. They have received years of state funded salary on the basis of fraud. And they continue to teach at one of the "best universities" in the country on the basis of this fraud. do it. Name and shame. I only wish folks from other law schools had the courage to do this also.
Why should filing complaints and naming and shaming be considered mutually exclusive options? One can do both if one is sufficiently concerned. Doing the former might yield some result. Doing the latter isn't likely to actually produce any result, since as Kian mentioned earlier, it is old news in this case and everybody knows already.
Would not go that far to brand LI as a pro-establishment sell-out. But find it problematic that things such as this recent article did not get published here. I would not know if the author approached LI.

LI pursued leads such as the ones below vigorously:

Although LI is under no legal obligation to provide sustained reporting all matters or even stuff that it has previously published, there is a legitimate expectation that LI will not dish out slanted reporting. In the aforementioned LI news reports the slant is obvious and things get even more obvious when LI skipped reporting that Calcutta HC threw out two writ petitions of the aggrieved distance education students as cited in the recent Livewire article.

For the longest time and possibly even now, LI has generously slanted in favour of a certain distance education providers and its allies among NUJS faculty ranks and elsewhere. That has been a big letdown. Why slant or take sides at all? Just report as long as the evidence produced is solid.

Maybe the author of Livewire article saw the slant in LI and chose to stay away.
This isn't surprising at all. Even a woman senior advocate who is [...] was outed by an NLU-D student for plagiarizing her project and putting it in a published article! And then the poor student was threatened into silence.
Could you give a hint? Is it a new professor? And what's their designation?
Students like you will make sure our universities get worse and worse until there’s nothing to be proud of at all. Don’t you feel any shame?

There are no less important subjects. Only less developed minds.

Why go to the best universities in our country if you don’t want to actually learn anything? If you only want a job- go to a private college or go to some random college in your city and intern the whole year. You’ll get a Corp job that way. Let the NLU seats go to students who actually care about learning the law.
Such a bad attempt at mimicking students! This is why 50 year olds shouldn't try to act like 20 year olds.
cause 50 year olds have the time to be messing around on legally India? is it so hard to imagine that not all of our generation thinks exactly like you? some of us actually like the law and want to do a good job learning it.
Contrary to popular belief, similarity index in Turnitin report is not the end of the debate regarding plagiarism.
You need to look at the content that is highlighted in the report and then check whether the content has been cited by the author or not. Also, the source that is mentioned in the similarity index, check whether it's published before or after the PhD research as, if the PhD has been uploaded for some time, high chances that a recently generated Turnitin report will have high similarity index due to it showing self plagiarism!
Also, with nearly a decade of using Turnitin, along with relevant filters (not the ones for reducing similarity index