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Could we make a list of the most relevant and credible Indian (or even international where Indian students can get published) journals to get published in

1) International arbitration
2) Human rights law
3) Company law
4) Technology law
5) Sports law
6) Media and entertainment law
7) TMT, construction law, real estate law
8) Construction law
9) Fintech law
10) Securities law
11) Banking, Bankruptcy and insolvency law
12) Competetion law
13) Capital markets

I am specifically interested in knowing #1 and #2 but I added other fields so that this conversation helps others too.
Most of the Indian journals including reputed ones are general themed and not specialized. Although there are some that specialize on one or other legal domain. For example, for technology, there is always IJLT of NLSIU or JIPR (if it involves an IP component) of NISCAIR. Latter is SCOPUS indexed too, though that is not necessarily an indicator of quality in itself. But JIPR has a good reputation even otherwise.
CCI has got its own journal now. Might be a good place for competition law.
JGLS Law Review is currently the highest ranked Indian journal and is listed in SCOPUS. Only general Indian law journal to be listed in SCOPUS. So that's undoubtedly the most prestigious journal.
Highest ranked by whom? SCOPUS indexation isn't in itself a measurement of quality. Since SCOPUS does not list student-run journals at all, regardless of quality. I am not disputing that JGLS Law Review is of good quality, but reputation-wise it is nowhere near the top even within the country at present.
SYN & SERN, international journal of advanced legal research and manupatra are pretty good
NUALS Law Journal is pretty good. They have been publishing high-quality content lately.
NLUJ's IJAL for #1. Has to be one of the most relevant authorities in arbitration law; however it's rare for student articles to get published.
The Journal of the Indian Law Institute is quite renowned. Not sure if it still retains its brilliance, but it was the go to journal for scholars from Upen Baxi to M P Singh in the 90s. In fact, in one of its special issues, Baxi even claimed it to be the most philosophically inclined law journal in the country. Whether it still carries that tradition is open to debate.
ILI. NUJS doesn't have good students to edit and review papers anymore.
Hey thanks. Is it then safe to say that ILI is the most prestigious Law journal of India?
On an international scale and standard. I speak as someone who has published in both the journals in the past.
The RMLNLU Law Journal is also doing well just recently. Published from Lucknow.
Any suggestions for journals dealing with international law, in India and/or abroad ?
How difficult is it to get published with journals run by the Oxford University Press?
A fair few NLS undergraduate students have managed to publish in Oxford journals, so not too difficult. The batch of 2026' itself has 3 such students, with more coming.