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This week a student from NLUJ died. Then 2 profs from NLSIU and 1 prof from GNLU died. Several more students, professors and staff are infected. Even in the law aspirant community, many CLAT candidates and coaches are affected. CNN has reported that HALF A BILLION Indians may eventually get Covid.

It's becoming very serious and some hard decisions are needed.

1. All law schools should take a decision to automatically promote all students and cancel exams.

2. A decision should also be taken to suspend physical classes until 100% vaccination. Even with online classes attendance cannot be compulsory.

3. Fees should be reduced.

4. The internship requirement should be scrapped.

5. Unless Modi wants young lawyers begging on the streets, the government should give income support to graduating batches + create a National Judicial Service + allow foreign law firms.

6. CLAT cannot happen this year. Faizan Mustafa should come out in public and say it now.
1. Why not scrap all exams and not promote the students? They can give the exam later and then be eligible for promotion. Just because circumstances may not be allowing you to study doesn't mean that you are automatically qualified to become a lawyer.

2. No issues with the physical classes point. Regarding online class attendance, let me see, you are asking for students not attending the classes and not giving the exams to still be promoted and eventually be called lawyers. Then why not declare even those who aren't enrolled in law universities as lawyers? Can't have it both ways. Attendance shouldn't be compulsory, but only if students can still clear evaluations to establish that they have actually learnt. Or else hold off the exams for now, but ensure that the students actually attend classes and learn in the process.

3. NLUs aren't profit making institutes. Reduction of fees would mean that they cannot continue to function. As it is, most of the expenses are still being incurred including salary and maintenance. You can at the most demand for scrapping hostel fees, which most NLUs aren't charging at present anyway.

4. Which NLU has an internship 'requirement'? This one thing alone proves that you aren't from an NLU. Most likely a troll.

5. Doesn't deserve a comment.

6. None of your business, since you are not associated with NLUs anyway.
4. First time I'm hearing about internship requirement. Which NLU does this?
while colleges don't enforce this (at least mine and most others I know do not), I remember being told in my first year about BCI rules (or someother body) about mandatory internships. A lot of these chotu private colleges evaluate based on internships, don't know if they still do that.
Internships are a compulsory BCI requirement and some of the newer NLUs ask for an internship report. I think JGLS also does it.
Internship reports at JGLS is only a PR exercise.
I remember signing an internship report for someone from Jindal, and a week later I receive an email from Jindal expressing their interest to associate with my organisation for providing internships to JGLS students regularly.
Ummmm that’s not PR, PR stands for public relations and I am assuming you are a law student and your university has enabled with the skills and tools to comprehend what the term means. What yoy are referring to, here, 1) doesn’t happen 2) even if it happened, it’s called having an active placement cell which actually puts in effort (which a lot of wannabe government colleges don’t have)

I love how on a post about deaths and COVID, 5 out of 7 comments are about dissing JGLS. Get better things to do guys, we’re getting all sorts of relaxations from university, you’re not. Maybe focus on that?
Is it because of all these relaxations that you have forgotten how to count? Because excluding your comment, there have been only two others that even refer to JGLS, and one of those was merely factual, and not an opinion. Maybe you should get that chip off your shoulder, and get your mental and physical health in order using all those relaxations.
NLUs ask for the report only if you claim to have done it and include it in your CV. Not otherwise.
NLU kids behave like the real virus they’re suffering from is not COVID but JGLS, get over the obsession!
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Seems the JGLS people are the ones who are self-obsessed, reading the comments here. They are the one who keep harping on their victimhood in a thread that's got nothing to do with them. Maybe everybody can do with a bit of growing up.
This comment is in poor taste, considering the surrounding circumstances. If you are from JGLS, then use that expensive education to get some taste and some sense please. You have got plenty of good teachers to teach you both.