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Would love to hear your thoughts about how to navigate the 5-year law course at an NLU. Anything you wish you would've known?
Use the time well, for now might be all the time there is. Even if everyone around you isn't their best possible selves, chances are that you can learn something from them nonetheless. Do not let the pressure get to you. Keep some time away daily for yourself, keep the focus firmly on your physical and mental health. Best of luck!
You will really want to befriend and associate with people who are considered smart, cool, top of the class, driven. Don't make that the reason why you form friendships. Its great to be those things, but choose friends because you like them and not because you are worried about being left without a co-author for a paper or some weird shit. Those friendships won't survive in all likelihood. Put an effort into class, as much as possible. Don't be the person who ends up regretting not paying attention in a course. That being said, many classes in college are pointless, please feel free to bunk them. Know that shit happens. It happens to you, it happens to others. Be kind, be considerate. DO NOT THINK ABOUT HOW TO GET A CORP JOB in the first year. Have fun, learn, you'll figure it out eventually. The people you get from law school are your most valuable asset. Do absolutely random things. If you think you want to spend a semester smoking pot and reading the Bhagavad Gita, go for it. Most of your chill profs know you smoke pot, so don't stress too much. In general, don't take too much stress. Get into the habit of reading, be it judgments, policy papers, or manga. At times you'll feel like you are better than you are batch, at times you will feel like you don't belong, just don't think about it. As long as you are having fun and learning something every day, you are safe. You will do well. Your batch will hate on some people. Be particularly polite to those hated unnecessarily. These 5 years will transform you drastically. Enjoy it as much as possible.
Two bits of advice:

1. Don't join a corp law firm.

2. Read Bar & Bench instead of LI. LI perpetuates the myth that corp law firms are the only careers worth pursuing. Bar & Bench has a wider outlook.
Do not forget why you are part of your law school and embrace law school in its entirety. However take your grades, lessons and love life seriously while at it ;) Good grades never hurt.

Forgetting your parents are paying a handsome money for your education is a mistake I wish I never made. Would have made better choices for mY CV instead of just lazying around for the first two years.
Keep an open mind towards people. Very often you will feel that you are not cool enough or people you hang out with are not cool enough. Don't go into your shell, don't be afraid to voice your genuine thoughts and opinions, no matter what the room seems to be. Be open to other careers and work towards it bit by bit. Spend some time of the day reading. There is no right or wrong thing or right or wrong choice. Above all, be honest to yourself and your roots. Wish I had known fraternising with seniors could get your internships, don't be afraid to make those connections and then use them. Wish I had known how useless mooting is so that I did not feel pressurised into doing it. Above everything, be honest to yourself. Don't let the room sway you.
In all seriousness, my advice is to find a rich girlfriend/boyfriend and marry her/him. Sorry if I sound cynical, but India is a ruthless and corrupt society where even basic amenities cost a lot. You need money and financial security. Remember also that your children will be born in a very unequal world, where their education etc will cost lots. Don't date people for looks and personalty, just money.
Stay open-minded, stay kind. Don't let other people's bitterness get to you. Form strong relationships with people who you actually care about. At worst, you'll learn a whole bunch of stuff, get a decent job and grow into your adult life. At best, you'll graduate with a fairly good education into a career you love with great friends who you can lean on for advice and share good and bad things with as you grow older.

It's okay to feel lost. We all do in the beginning and we all learn and figure out what we want. Don't panic. Everyone thinks it's a competition but it's not really. The world is big and has space for everyone's success. Learn in class and learn from each other. It's not just about rank no. 1 or the Jessup. Discover new movies and what you like eating with your beer. Sing. Play. Ten years after you graduate, no one will care who the class topper was. They'll remember who shared notes with them, who gave them a crash course when they needed it, who was there with a drink when they were dumped. And if they don't, they're probably not the friends you want anyway.