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Saikrishna assembles with AZB, TTA-Dhall to secure Avengers Age of Ultron release over digital projection CCI complaint

Age of UltronAge of UltronSaikrishna & Associates won the Competition Commission of India’s (CCI) approval for the Walt Disney movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, securing its release in theatres today after the CCI failed to find anti-competitive behavior by the Hollywood producers.

Star TV-India News pitted Saikrishna v Dua | PXV scores iMerit-Omidyar opposite Desai & D

Case, disposedCase, disposedDua Associates v Saikrishna in trademarks; PXV, Desai & Diwanji in PE.

Saikrishna to convert to equity partnership, maybe full-service, as adding policy vertical with Luthra’s Ameet Datta

Saikrishna-RajagopalSaikrishna-Rajagopal Exclusive: Twelve-year-old intellectual property (IP) boutique Saikrishna & Associates aims to convert from a sole proprietorship to an equity-sharing by April 2013 and will aim to become a full service firm, said its founding partner Saikrishna Rajagopal, as ex-Luthra & Luthra partner Ameet Datta joined yesterday.

Luthra IP tech partner Ameet Datta leaves, may join Saikrishna

Ameet DattaAmeet Datta Exclusive: Luthra & Luthra intellectual property (IP) and media partner Ameet Datta has left the firm for entrepreneurial opportunities, including the option of joining boutique IP firm Saikrishna & Associates.

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