Mumbai source: Post ‘black Tuesday’ Amarchand break-up now most likely outcome after Zia, Birla, Parekh failed mediation before


Shipping head Harsh Pratap quits; Clasis starts Mumbai from scratch; Aneja only co-founder left


Mahindra bags RIL petrol head Naveen Raju as group GC


More to come? Cyril Shroff to file affidavit showing Shardul ‘deeply involved’ in making of mother’s controversial will [READ ORDER]


After gloves came off in Bombay HC Shroff vs Shroff, Amarchand brothers agree to mediate with Salve, Justice Srikrishna, Kampani


DSK likes Pune better than expected: Moves to double-size office there on back of booming corporate work


Breaking: Amarchand Mangaldas Delhi managing partner Shardul Shroff sues brother Cyril in Bombay HC [UPDATE-5]


Why (and how) does a Bombaywala advocate of 20 years shift to Delhi?


Ankit Majmudar, decade-long Wadia Ghandy Bangalore partner, to join Platinum with team; WG closes in city for now [UPDATE-3]


BCI bans newbie advocates from SC unless have 5 years of lower court experience (+ 5-yearly practice renewal) [UPDATE-1]


5 ideas that are radical (but shouldn’t be) to save our legal profession, education & the BCI


CLAT in Hindi this year? Find out why a CLAT online & in Hindi could be ‘disastrous’

Supreme Court Latest
Circular No.F-132/Jul./2014 dt. 20/11/2014 - Reg. LISTING OF FRESH MATTERS. [link]
Notice Dt. 20/11/2014: Regarding change in listing timings of R.P.(C) No. 2578-2579 of 2014 in SLP(C) No. 11740-11741 of 2014. [link]
Order dt. 19/11/2014: Criminal Appeal No(s).2084 of 2009 - MUMTAZ @ MUMTYAZ versus STATE OF U.P.(NOW UTTARKHAND). [link]
Latest judgments
20 Nov: R. Rajanna Vs. S.r.venkataswamy & Ors. [pdf] [text] Bench: T.s. Thakur, R. Banumathi
19 Nov: Jaiminiben Hirenbhai Vyas & Anr. Vs. Hirenbhai Rameshchandra Vyas & Anr. [pdf] [text] Bench: J. Chelameswar, S.a. Bobde
19 Nov: Baljinder Kaur Vs. State Of Punjab [pdf] [text] Bench: T.s. Thakur, R. Banumathi
19 Nov: D.r.somayajulu Sec.d.l.s Vs. Athili Appala Swamy & Ors. [pdf] [text] Bench: T.s. Thakur, Adarsh Kumar Goel, R. Banumathi
19 Nov: Rakesh Baban Borhade Vs. The State Of Maharashtra & Anr Etc.etc. [pdf] [text] Bench: Dipak Misra, R. Banumathi
14 Nov: Abdul Azeez P V And Ors Vs. National Investigation Agency [pdf] [text] Bench: Dipak Misra, Uday Umesh Lalit
14 Nov: Ratna @ Ratan Lal And Anr Vs. State Of Rajasthan [pdf] [text] Bench: Dipak Misra, Uday Umesh Lalit
14 Nov: Antony Cardoza Vs. State Of Kerala [pdf] [text] Bench: Dipak Misra, Uday Umesh Lalit
14 Nov: Krishna @ Krishnappa Vs. State Of Karnataka [pdf] [text] Bench: Dipak Misra, Uday Umesh Lalit
14 Nov: Naresh Kumar Vs. State Of Haryana & Ors. [pdf] [text] Bench: T.s. Thakur, Adarsh Kumar Goel, R. Banumathi
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