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Big Six law firms power 26 jobs out of 2014 Nalsar final recruitment record of 71

Nalsar RCC: guarantees resultsNalsar RCC: guarantees resultsOut of 78 Nalsar Hyderabad students who graduated this year, all out of the 71 campus recruitment (RCC) subscribers took up jobs, with the largest number placed with Indian corporate law firms.

Upwards trend: RMLNLU Lucknow places 45 out of 150 graduates in 2014

RMLNLURMLNLURMLNLU Lucknow reached a record high in its annual placement graph with 45 out of its 150 graduates this year finding jobs with law firms, companies, banks, think tanks and legal process outsourcing companies (LPO).

GNLU’s secretive Day Zero yields 13 jobs from Amarchand, Trilegal, JSA

GNLU Gandhinagar, which has placed at least 13 fourth year students this year, refused to divulge figures for its 11 April Day Zero recruitment again.

Khaitan & Co first to announce fresher salary hike to Rs 13.2 lakh + 2 bonus

Money moneyMoney moneyKhaitan & Co has increased fresher salaries to Rs 15.2 lakh per annum, including bonus, effective from 1 April as part of its annual pay hike.

Bleak 2014 graduate outlook at CNLU Patna: 0 jobs in hand, admin apathetic as students pay recruiters’ travel

CNLU PatnaCNLU PatnaCNLU Patna’s on-campus recruitment activity is at its lowest in four years. The law school’s fourth batch, graduating this year, has zero confirmed jobs.

Nalsar 2015 Day Zero: ‘New academic model’ reaps 29 jobs, including two Rs 90 lakh foreign job packages

Nalsar HyderabadNalsar HyderabadNalsar Hyderabad students graduating in 2015 have placed 29 students in confirmed jobs, including two 2015 job offers from international firm Allen & Overy (A&O).

NUJS 2015 Day Zero: 26 accepted jobs, 5 foreign firm opportunities

NUJS KolkataNUJS KolkataNUJS Kolkata’s 2015 graduating batch has accepted 27 job offers across seven firms with a mix of 16 so-called Day Zero offers made after interviews on campus on April 16 and 11 pre-placement offers (PPOs) made after internships to students.

NLU Delhi: 12 Day Zero offers, 10 jobs in bag, 3 foreign vac schemes for 2015 batch

y1oaj2fry1oaj2frNLU Delhi’s third batch, that will graduate in 2015 has already placed 10 students with confirmed jobs after its Day Zero of recruitment on 4 April, with four offers subject to internships and three vacation placements with foreign firms.

12 Day Zero offers for NLU Jodhpur 2015 batch from 4 law firms

Jodhpur: SteadyJodhpur: SteadyTraditional NLU Jodhpur recruiters Amarchand Mangaldas, Luthra & Luthra and Trilegal hit campus again on 2 April, in addition to Khaitan & Co, to make 12 job offers to the class graduating in 2015.

Day Zero: 33 NLSIU fourth-years bag early jobs, Amarchand, Khaitan heaviest

NLSIU Bangalore 2015: Good startNLSIU Bangalore 2015: Good startNLSIU Bangalore’s 2015-graduating batch, which is currently finishing its fourth year of their five-year degree, has placed 33 students after its first day of on-campus recruitment with a mix of PPOs and Day Zero offers.

NLIU Bhopal recruitment forecast bleak as Amarchand & LPO flag off late Day Zero in limp economy

BhopalBhopalNLIU Bhopal started its Day Zero recruitment efforts today to low turnout, around four months after other top law schools.

Wired: Electric Jaising-Misra court| Jodhpur job score | What CJI tells PMO | RMLNLU permanent #fail | Cal green tribunal wilts | Third degree on LPO

Electric Jaising-Misra court: Additional solicitor general Indira Jaising appeared yesterday before justice Gyan Sudha Misra for the Union of India (UoI) in the Ishraat Jahaan fake encounter case. When Misra asked for Jaising’s authority to appear, Jaising said she was there for the UoI on the home ministry’s instructions, and added: “I am not here to show off myself”. “When we are asking you some questions, why is it that you are feeling some electric shocks?” retorted Misra, warning Jaising about contempt proceedings, at which point she apologised [Telegraph]

Jodhpur job score: NLU Jodhpur placed 61 out of a class of 90 students graduating this year, with Amarchand Mangaldas and Trilegal each hiring eight students. Majmudar & Partners hired six, JSA four, and legal process outsourcing (LPO) company Pangea3 picked up five. Gujarat State Petronet, Sebi and ONGC hired four each [Bar & Bench]

RMLNLU permanent #fail: RMLNLU Lucknow’s new VC Gurdip Singh has done away with repeat exams for students who fail, in order to improve ‘quality education and discipline’ [TOI]

What CJI tells PMO: Correspondence between the Chief Justice of India and the Prime Minister of India is not exempt from the purview of the Right to Information Act 2005, the Central Information Commission has held [BS]

Cal green tribunal wilts: Kolkata, the city where India’s first green tribunal was launched, is on the verge of losing its green tribunal to Guwahati or Ranchi [TOI]

Third degree on LPO: The Australian Law Students’ Association is calling for greater practicality and less theory in their law school curriculum so they can compete with legal process outsourcing (LPO) companies encroaching on what was traditionally the domain of lawyers [Lawyers Weekly]

Amarchand adopts UK-style trainee rotation experiment following JSA, Khaitan; Trilegal aborted after three years; Why and how?

Musical chairsMusical chairsAmarchand is the fourth major Indian law firm to have made it (mostly) mandatory for fresher recruits to rotate between different departments for the first eighteen months. J Sagar Associates (JSA) and Khaitan & Co also swear by it; Trilegal was less enamoured. Is it the new standard or just a fad?

HNLU improves y-o-y placements with 21 jobs, 11 law firms, as state law min steps up

HNLU RaipurHNLU RaipurHNLU Raipur placed 21 out of 50 graduating students, as Chhattisgarh state law ministry picked up six research assistants.

Day zeros: NLU Delhi RCC confirms 12 jobs, 3 vac schemes; Jindal on 8 and 2 White & Case

MilkroundMilkround12 NLU Delhi fourth-year students, out of a class of 72, were recruited last weekend to start work in 2014, while neighbouring Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) in Haryana placed seven LLB students.

Amarchand leads 6 firms’ hire of 100+ 2014 grads; Jindal students secure 7 jobs

MilkroundMilkroundAmarchand has emerged as the most aggressive Indian early recruiter hiring 36 fourth-year law students across 10 colleges.

Nalsar Day Zero bags 28 offers for 2014-batch in 6 law firms & 6 overseas vac placements

25 Nalsarites accept jobs at six firms.

NUJS Day Zero nets 20+ law firm jobs for 2014 grads

NUJSNUJS 4th year recruitment committee bags at least 20 jobs but keeps shtum.

NLSIU Day Zero: 24 jobs, 6 London internships for 50 RCC students

NLSIU Bangalore placed 24 out of 80 fourth year students on 20 April 2013 including 11 pre-placement offers(PPOs). Two independent offers from McKinsey & Co were made in addition to those.

A total of 21 ‘day zero’ campus offers to start work in 2014 came from law firms Luthra & Luthra (8 campus offers), Trilegal (5), Amarchand Mangaldas (4), AZB & Partners (2), and Khaitan & Co (2), according to legal website Bar & Bench, with AZB and Khaitan having recruited entirely through PPOs.

A total of 50 students who had subscribed to the college placement process. Students have also secured three London internships each with Allen & Overy and Herbert Smith Freehills. NLSIU’s RCC has not been reachable for comment by Legally India.

NLU Jodhpur’s day zero was four days before NlSIU’s on 16 April, placing 14 students.

Amarchand, Luthra, JSA, Trilegal offer 11 jobs to NLU Jodhpur’s 2014 ‘day zero’ recruitments

NLU JodhpurNLU Jodhpur placed 11 students out of its class of 80 that will graduate in 2014 in its first day of recruitments in the fourth-year – also known as day zero, beginning on 16 April 2013.

2013 Nalsarites bag record 8 foreign firm offers & LLMs, as 74 out of 80 students accounted for under ‘gloomy’ year’s ‘evolved’ RCC

Nalsar HyderabadNalsar Hyderabad RCC “confident” it will continue 100% recruitment record.

ILS Pune in decline: Placements from 100 to 19% in 4 years

ILS Pune’s class of 2012 has reportedly seen only 20 placements so far for 105 total students, reported the Indian Express. The 131-strong batch of 2011 apparently secured 60 jobs, plummeting from 2008's 100% result.

Veteran ILS campus placements-visitor ONGC allegedly complained of a decline in students’ standards.

Principal Vaijayanti Joshi blames it on lack of the college’s autonomy and funds (being affiliated to Pune University), while students say it is due to lack of infrastructure and “exposure” when compared with the national law universities. [Express]

The law college was one of the five law schools felicitated by the Bar Council of India last month in its golden jubilee celebrations, for “outstanding contribution to legal education”, as first reported by Legally India.

In July 2012 Legally India reported on difficulties faced by several law schools to attract recruiters, amidst increased competition and a slowing economy.

NLU Delhi first batch scores five law firm jobs after ‘day zero’ ditched

A day (zero) at NLU Delhi Exclusive: NLU Delhi placed five students from its first ever batch, which will graduate in 2013, in three Indian and one UK magic circle law firm in its ongoing recruitment efforts. Ten other law firms have expressed interest in conducting recruitment interviews for the batch of 2013 in the coming academic semester.

RGNUL Patiala 2nd batch: 53% jobs, most in court, 20% in law firms

RGNUL new campus In RGNUL Patiala’s second graduating batch more than 53 per cent were placed after the largest part of the batch joined court practice and many others secured law firm positions through internships.

From the frontlines: Of law school pay packages, the economy and campus recruitment wars

LI and Mint, together every fortnight In today’s edition of Mint: Law firms enjoy unequal bargaining power in a market where the talent pool is deepening every year.

The sobering state of the economy has got India’s law students worried. For many, particularly at the top few schools, getting a high-paying job was the primary aim of their legal education. The higher pay packets also justified the pursuit of an interest in the law, especially when it came to convincing parents who would otherwise prefer their children aspire for admission to an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

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