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Only tangentially related / off topic: has anyone been watching Al Jaz recently? How have they been covering any of the controversy surrounding the Qatar world cup, if at all?
And in a way, we admire your persistence despite our nonchalance :)
Yes, the previous comment was me 'In house'. And yes, my "diatribe" was repetitive. And that's my point. Despite repeated diatribes by different people on different posts, you refuse to change your ways. In a way, I kind of admire your nonchalance.
Isn't Chinese food the most anti-national food? :D
For a minute lets not talk about woke and let's talk about wok. Chinese food just hits the spot.
It's impossible to know, but your diatribe above (if you were indeed OP 'In house') was a little repetitive, no?
And what are these inappropriate things I allegedly posted? Pray tell.
Sounds like you didn't get censored and got to say your piece yes? :)
S/he only pretends to be woke.
Trilegal ke haathon bik gaya hai ▮▮▮
If you don't like him, then start a forum of your own. Nobody is stopping you. The current LI format is not even that difficult or expensive to emulate. I am sure that everyone who is unhappy with the moderation here will be glad to switch to that forum, right? Like those who did from Twitter to Koo?
Many of us have also flagged your behaviour and posts to be inappropriate. Yet you still seem to remain here.
Enough is enough! You are by far the worst "moderator" I've ever seen. Could you please do us all a favour and resign? Ask Kian or R or literally anyone else to moderate what's left of LI. You're not even trying to hide your bias anymore. You're showing it on every single post. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say we've had it with you and your censorship. Your behaviour is completely inappropriate and unacceptable for someone who claims to be a moderator.
A 4-word comment posted 6 days ago was not published.
Since no one likes talking about wokism more than those who are not woke (including probably Marke), this better not be a post made in order to start a rant about the horrible wokes. If it is, those responses will be moderated. Kthxbai