Read comments in conversation as:
I started working at a tiny (but good) IPR firm in my 20s at Rs 20,000 in hand a month. My peers in corp law firms were earning a lot more. Today I am in my 30s and earning 6.5 lakhs in hand a month: still less than my peers in corp law firms but the gap is lesser than before, especially as I have a family home on Delhi and pay no rent. I also have a very good work life balance.

In my view, tech is the future and IPR will grow as a practice area. Also, things will look up with the entry of foreign law firms. Even if not, I frankly don't care and am happy earning less with a good work-life balance. It's time we learn to stop comparing our lives with others and chasing social validation.
What about Obhan & Associates? How is the firm? How much does a Partner make there?
Remfry starts 50k minimum for freshers depending upon your negotiating skills.

Oberoi pays 45k

Mason 30k

Anand - 50k max
Mason pays minimum 20k and maximum 30k to non nlu freshers and 35 to nlu freshers. Labour wage maybe, my friend says they are made to work pre and post working hours. Bonus is also not that great
Curious to know about the pay structure at ipr firms such as Sujata Chaudhari, Intll Advocare, Mason & Lall and Sethi for a fresher/A0. Feel free to add on to the list.
Actual ALG payscale:
1. A0 in General IP team - 40k
2. A0 in Corporate Commercial team - 20-25k
3. A0 in Patents team - 30-60k

There's no scope of meaningful negotiation until you reach the SA position.
As far as IP is concerned, this is what I have to say:

Tier 1 IP Firms
1) Anand & Anand: 50k - 65k starting (team specific)
2) Remfry & Sagar: 65k - 75k starting (team specific)
3) Saikrishna & Associates: 70k - 75k starting (team specific)
4) RK Dewan: 55k - 65k starting (team specific)
5) Lall & Sethi: 50k - 65k starting (team specific)

Tier 2 IP Firms
1) K&S Partners: 50k starting (team specific)
2) ALG Law Offices: 45k - 55k starting (team specific)
3) Khurana & Khurana IP Attorneys: 40k - 50k starting (team specific)

The top law firms (KCO, TL, CAM, SAM, AZB, NDA, Indus, LKS & Fox Mandal) also have great IP teams but fresher intake is very rare and completely depends on your law school and quality of past internships.

Best of luck!
Target firms like:
1. Remfry
2. Anand & Anand
3. LKS
4. Lall & Sethi
5. K&S
6. RK Dewan; as an opening if you want to do well in IP law. If not an opening at these marquee places, you wont be able to survive/make shifts/earn big bucks in IP. Boutiques like Krishna & Saurastri & Vohra and Vohra are also above industry standard.
Any idea about Singh and Singh, Mason? One of the comments said Singh and Singh pays 25, but I'm not sure if that's true.
Please tell how much money L S Davar, Lall & Sethi and INTTL Advocare pay to freshers.
Please I really need this as I am a fresher and I am looking forward to starting my career in one of these firms

Thank You.
Remfry pays 65-75k for freshers. Khurana/K&S/Lall/Saikrishna pay 40-50k to A0s. The worst of them all is Anand and Anand which despite having such a huge name pays peanuts as low as 35-45k to freshers. Naik and RK Dewan pay about 55-65k to freshers. However, the growth trajectory is huge as SA 2s and 3s earn as much as 20-22l at these top firms and a lot of people have an upward curve to become In house counsels since a major chunk of legal work at large conglomerates revolve around IP and Company Law.
What is the salary for an A1 at Saikrishna? Any leads?
Lall & Sethi, Anand, K&S, Saikrishna - start at 45
Singh and Singh - 20