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Student victory: RMLNLU slashes fees to Rs 1 lakh after doubling last year

RMLNLU Lucknow has lowered its undergraduate five-year BA LLB course fees to Rs 1.05 lakh per year after having doubled its fees from Rs 74,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh per year in 2013, reported the Times of India.

Students had protested the fee hike, which was apparently the first since the university started last year, so the administration gave in and cut the fees in part. The lion's share of the Rs 1.05 lakh are tuition fees at Rs 60,000, followed by admissions fees of Rs 10,000, room rent for Rs 7,500 and other expenses. Total standard fees at NLSIU Bangalore are Rs 1.76 lakh per year, by comparison.

Students boycott paying hiked fees; NUJS extends deadline

NUJS_Kolkata_thNUJS_Kolkata_thNUJS Kolkata has extended the tuition fees payment deadline after students refuse to pay in protest against the fee-hike, which was announced only several weeks before the start of this term.

NUJS fee-hike sparks court battle and student protests

NUJS_Kolkata_thNUJS_Kolkata_thAn LLB student has mounted a successful legal challenge after an unexpected doubling of tuition fees at NUJS Kolkata, which has provoked widespread complaints from the student body.

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