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NUJS Vis teams sweep first Indian pre moot

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The moot acted as a practice session for the teams participating in the Willem C. Vis Moot, Vienna and the Willem C. Vis (East), Hong Kong, which are Tier 1 moots in the MPL Season 2 sponsored by Allen & Overy.

The pre moot, a first of its kind in India, was jointly organized by NUJS Kolkata and Nalsar Hyderabad last weekend. The NUJS team for Vienna consisted of Smaran Shetty, Karan Talwar, Rishabh Goenka and the NUJS team for Hong Kong had Nihal Joseph, Abhijnan Jha and Aditya Alok. Pooorvi Satija, Puneeth Nagraj from Nalsar and John Raghav, Arya Trivedi from HNLU finished semi-finalists.

The NUJS Vienna team (pictured) won a prize money of Rs 1,00,000/- which was sponsored by Bharucha & Partners, Mr. Anirudh Wadhwa and the NUJS Moot Court Society. The final round was adjudged by an arbitration panel which was presided by Veeraraghavan Inbavijayan, a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators who has presided as a sole arbitrator in over 750 domestic cases and five international cases in South Asia. Successful ex-Vis mooters Shreya Parikh, Zehaan Trivedi, Deepak Raju, Shatadru, Rukmini Das and Sneha J judged the preliminary rounds.

image Ramanuj Mukherjee and Deepak Raju from NUJS along with Poorvi Satija and Shreya Parikh from Nalsar conceived and planned the organization of the pre moot in India. They intend this to be an annual affair from now on with NUJS and Nalsar alternatively hosting the event. Due to the delayed decision to organize the pre moot this year, only seven teams from across the national law universities and law colleges of the country could take part.

Mooting Premier League 2 season standings


  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Saturday, 12 Mar 11

    do we get points?

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Saturday, 12 Mar 11

    Gyan Khanz

    The legally india nujs love affair continues ....

    Next we shall see how the scientifically designed noojie breakfast menu has decided their jessup success.

    There are other law schools too you know, but what the heck, they are spurned lovers of LI

    You heard it here first...

  • sagnik
    sagnik Saturday, 12 Mar 11

    completely agree with #2..whats this maniacal obsession with NUJS? they organize a 'practice' moot which no one knows about, judged by their own students, where a prize is given for an EXTERNAL (non nujs) speaker, and it is posted akin a news on World War III! will we have a live blogging of their intra next? you are irritating people with such uncalled for NUJS addicttion. a national level website should know what to report and where to skip a beat

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Saturday, 12 Mar 11

    legally NUJS

    @2 &

    i sometimes wonder if the site should be called legally NUJS! kian, it was a bit more than an intra, organized by NUJS and NALSAR for their internal benefits. the law student community at large didn't have a stake associated with it.

  • kianganz
    kianganz Saturday, 12 Mar 11


    The moot was covered because:

    1. Vis is coming and this is a nice build-up story to it...

    2. This is only a blog, not a news story.

    3. This moot is not part of the MPL and there are no points for it.

    4. When in MPL Live we interview a winning mooter how is it different from writing briefly about a moot that 7 good mooting colleges took place in to prepare themselves for one of the biggest moots in the world? How does that not warrant a story? Are IPL practice games not covered in the run up to a big match?

    5. Nalsar and NUJS are the two top teams to beat in the MPL right now: of course what they do will get covered at this stage. And how they perform at Vis, if at all, could very well decide the winner of the MPL.

    Best wishes,

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Saturday, 12 Mar 11


    kian for the sake of neutraity, compare the two recent headlines of legally indian on mpl. HNLU, post being victorious in a global round at one of the toughest moot court competitions in the world, wins a 'jackpot'! NUJS, after winning a 'practice' session organized and judged by their fellow 'Noojies' sweep the event. if this is not biasness, what is?

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Saturday, 12 Mar 11

    @2 - Nice nickname.

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Saturday, 12 Mar 11

    this is not about nujs. this is about the First ever Indian pre-moot. Those who have been to Vis know the importance of pre-moots and their popularity in Europe and the Americas. Even China is holding one this year. This is the first Indian effort in this direction and certainly warrants a story. You can ask Vis alumni from your own collage, if you do have a Vis tradition, though not as robust as that of NUJS

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Saturday, 12 Mar 11

    NUJS appears more in news because they do a lot more worthwhile things - IDIA, pre-moot, winning elsa, so on and so forth. NLS got covered when their students took a cola company to consumer litigation.

    try doing something worthwhile and see if it gets you attention.

    Legally india is sour, huh?

  • LegalPoet
    LegalPoet Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    Its a blog post, not a news item.

    And it was the first ever pre-moot for Vis in India. Why shouldn't it be covered as a blog post?

    Proactive colleges are bound to be covered more because of their proactivity!

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    Gyan Khanz

    AH !!!!

    Wordsworth hath spoken !!!!

    Nujs is the most proactive college on planet ! no one shall question that !

    A pox on any further accusations of a LI NUJS love affair !
    As Keats has said,

    " A proactive noojie is a joy forever..."

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    @sagnik- This 'practice' moot which no one apparently knew about was part of the official list of pre-moots published by Mr. Eric Bergstein on the Willem C. Vis Website." rel="nofollow">
    Further, apart from NUJS judges, there were judges from NALSAR, GNLU and NLSIU.
    I think your criticism is uncalled for.

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    worthy of appreciation

    Good effort should be appreciated...

    and for all those who are jealous, may god help you

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    The vis pre moot website reads 'NALSAR University of Law Kolkata, India', the noojiefication is complete :P

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    Huge typo error :P

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    there is nothing wrong in conducting a vis pre moot, its a great initiative. however, there is a lot of wrong in the way it was covered. hyping it to the proportion of vis itself. s.p sathe was not given as much coverage as the vis pre was.

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    Please do not question LI

    Do not question LI or the 'proactive' people from NUJS will next file a law suit against you.

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11


    @ sagnik and others
    you may think that a practice moot is not a big deal, but pre-moots in case of Vis (which does not have national rounds) are extremely helpful as they give the participants an opportunity to evaluate their performance and improve it.
    further, you may want to check out" rel="nofollow"> for more info on this. and the bit on Kolkata after NALSAR on the site has been mentioned as the Pre-Moot was organized in Kolkata this time - so, there is no big deal or the least "noojification" about it.

    also, the judging was organised in a manner that minimized bias. for instance, none of the NUJS teams were judged by any of the NUJS judges for the Preliminary Rounds.

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    noooojiieeee!! haha! rofl
    this gets better and better

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Sunday, 13 Mar 11

    'NUJS wins NUJS pre moot'. This doesn't even need subtext to laugh at. NUJS kept the spirit of match fixing alive this world cup season:) Way to go NOOJIES!
    And for those NOOBS who thought this was worthy of being reported on this site, at least take the effort of getting the name of the non noojie right: It's Arya Tripathy and not Trivedi.

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