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MCA wants CCI, departments to harmonise competition law powers under draft “national competition policy”, comments invited [Mint / MCA draft]

How to impeach a judge: an FAQ on eve of Justice Sen’s possible impeachment [Rediff / Watch debate live (via Law and Other Things)]

SC hears gov’t plea to undo black money special investigation team (SIT) [Law et al]

Law minister on Anna Hazare: “Nobody has ever been as kind to a person who has been agitating, as we have been. I have not known of anyone released from prison after 6 PM ever in my life as a lawyer.” [ET]

CJI Kapadia, Manmohan Singh agree that corruption can not be rooted out with magic wand [India Today]

74-year-old wins writ petition back pay 20 years after early retirement caused by clerical error [TOI]

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