Khaitan & Co Mumbai associate partner Nishant K Singh joined Indus Law in Mumbai as partner in its corporate practice.

Singh who left the firm on 31 May declined to comment when contacted by Legally India by phone yesterday and did not respond to messages seeking comment at the time of going to press.

He graduated from NLSIU Bangalore in 2002 and joined Amarchand Mangaldas as an associate until 2004. He obtained an LLM in 2005 from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and had a brief stint as foreign associate at Holland & Knight LLP and an associate at Perkins Cole LLP before joining Dewey & LeBoeuf for two years in January 2007.

He was a senior associate in Amarchand for one year until joining Khaitan in 2010.

Singh has advised on domestic and cross-border mergers & acquisitions, private equity, joint venture, fund formation, corporate restructuring, capital market transactions with a special emphasis on infrastructure, energy and natural resource sectors, according to an Indus’ press release.

Indus Law partner Suneeth Katarki said in the press release: “Nishant strengthens our presence in Mumbai and our capabilities in areas such as infrastructure and energy. His outlook and energy also fits in with the dynamism of the firm and our vision.”

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Like +30 No like -1 associate 2014-06-04 09:00  interesting  top rated
Why are so many khaitan lawyers leaving? I thought their USP was zero attrition
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Like +5 No like -1 New Look KCO 2014-06-17 10:53
KCO in its bid to compete with AMSS and AZB at the top has completely revamped its internal policies. I think they are more interested in retaining and promoting people who can bring in work. This change in policy is acceptable but the problem is in its implementation- their sub-par HR team and the lack of transparency in their decision making and evaluation process which also reeks of nepotism.
Also unlike AMSS there is far too much interaction between the HR team and the lawyers. Both know the amount of power that has been delegated to the HR team, which is often misused, and so the legal staff often leave no stone unturned in pleasing the HR there. Those who get on the wrong foot with HR, find their days numbered.
KCO management should realise that they need to adopt an AMSS like model for their HR work and ensure fair and transparent evaluation system
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Like +1 No like -2 Old look AMSS 2014-06-17 14:22
Fair and transparent evaluation system... no nepotism... we are talking about Amarchand Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co.? the same firm?
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Like +15 No like -2 Congrats 2014-06-04 10:20  interesting  top rated
All the best Nishant - do well.

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Like +7 No like -2 Partner 2014-06-04 10:52  interesting
At times visions are not aligned i.e. mismatch in expectations and reality.

Scratch the surface a bit and you will realize that Indian firms are still not professionally managed. They may hire professionals to manage them but whether they allow those professionals to do their job or not is questionable.
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Like +24 No like -9 KCO Bleeding? 2014-06-04 17:35  interesting  top rated  controversial
Murali, Vaishali and now Nishant. Who next?? Unsustainable KCO model is bound to collapse.
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Like +5 No like -2 Anon 2014-06-05 05:59
Ha ha. I like how you put all 3 in the same bracket. Apart from the fact that they are no longer with KCO, they really don't have that much in common.. Actually, I'm wrong - they all "quit".
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Like +12 No like -1 Guest 2014-06-05 08:24  interesting
All the best NKS
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Like +5 No like -8 Vinita 2014-06-05 08:30  controversial
What is KCO model and why is it unsustainable? Lawyers leave big firms all the time right?
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Like +10 No like -20 best wishes 2014-06-05 12:11  controversial
Nishant was waiting for 4 years to be promoted from associate-partner to partner. In those years, many other associate partners have been promoted and lateral partners hired. He is a bright and hard-working guy, wish him luck.
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Like +4 No like -14 Mumbaikar 2014-06-06 11:23
Well the khaitan model differs from AMSS model in a way that they arent hesistant in letting people go as opposed to AMSS which retains absolutely everyone even if it means shifting lawyers in 'non-practising' roles and calling them managers etc!, all in name of expansion. I'd say Khaitan is here to stay...
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Like +1 No like -4 Outside Lawyer 2014-06-09 05:24
KCO is planning to have an office in Bangkok, Is is true? Are they doing a JV?
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Like +11 No like -0 Rohit R 2014-06-09 09:32  interesting
Congratulations and Cheers Nishant.
Drink it up Sir!
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Like +8 No like -0 abc 2014-06-09 10:52  interesting
??? whats happening?
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Like +2 No like -17 PERSPACTIVE 2014-06-10 07:18
Quoting abc:
??? whats happening?

People sharing their persp"a"ctive on Nishant's departure... The "Kos"tion is whether its a loss for KCO... the answer -- a resounding NO!
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