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Westlaw International is the premier online research tool for the international legal community. It gives legal professionals, academics and students direct access to cases, statutes, news and journal articles, plus many other documents from a vast global library of legal, news, and business materials.<ref>http://www.westlawinternational.com/about.htm</ref> Westlaw International combines essential, authoritative information resources with the technical innovation of Westlaw - the leading online legal information service in the United States. By combining materials from renowned content providers such as Sweet & Maxwell, Thomson West, ELLIS Publications, Lawbook Co and Carswell, Westlaw International offers you a unique collection of trustworthy legal and regulatory information. <ref>http://www.westlawinternational.com/about.htm</ref>



  • United Kingdom from 1865
  • United States (Federal & State) from 1658
  • European Union from 1952
  • Australia from 1903
  • Hong Kong from 1905
  • Canada from 1825

Journals & Law Reviews[edit]

  • Harvard Law Review
  • European Competition Law Review
  • Criminal Law Review
  • McGill Law Review
  • Melbourne University Law Review
  • Hong Kong Law Journal



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