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This page contains informations about Student Associations of various Indian law schools.

HNLU Raipur[edit]

Students Bar Association[1]

  • President: Mohit Singh
  • Vice President: Prashant Minj
  • Contact:

NLS bangalore[edit]

Students Bar Association[2]

  • President: Ajar Rab
  • Vice President: Varun T. Mathew
  • Contact:

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GNLU Gandhinagar[edit]

Student Activities Committee'[3] Has been dissolved to be reconstituted early in July for the coming session of July - October.

NLIU Bhopal[edit]


NLU Jodhpur[edit]

Students' Chief Counsel

  • Avi Tandon
  • Email id:

Students' Vice Chief Counsel

  • Geetanjali Sharma
  • Email id: