Remuneration at the bar

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Remuneration paid by senior counsel and advocates to juniors fresh out of college at the bar.

Draft only, work in progress starting with the high-payers, suggestions welcome

Around Rs 80,000 per month or higher:

  • CA Sundaram,
  • KK Venugopal
  • Gopal Subramanium

Around Rs 50,000 per month

  • L Nageshwar Rao
  • Mohan Parasaran

Rs 30,000 per month and above:

  • Amit Sibal
  • Ciccu Mokkhopadhyay
  • CA Sundaram (Repeated again)
  • KV Vishwanathan
  • V Giri
  • Paramjit Patwalia
  • Gourab Bannerjee

NIL per month

  • Harish N. Salve

Calcutta Seniors