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M.S.Ramaiah College of Law was established by the Gokula Education Foundation in the year 1995. It is recognized by Bar Council of India and delinked from Bangalore University, the parent university and affiliated to Karnataka State Law University, Hubli, under the Karnataka State Law University Act, 2009.

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Editing M.S.Ramaiah Law College Bangalore (secti


Its located in the heart of the garden city, Bangalore. It is located in the same campus which houses the famous institutions like the M.S.Ramaiah Medical College & M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology. Apart from the institutions the Ramaiah Hi-tech Hospital is next to the campus.


The Administrator is Mr. Ranganathappa & the present principal is Mrs.Manjushree Mishra

Facts & Figures[edit]

TBC: How many students are there in total, and how many in each intake? How many faculty and other staff?


TBC - how do you apply to join the law school? Is there a test? If so, which one?

Fee structure[edit]

TBC: How much does it cost to study here per year? Are concessions and support available? If so, describe them.



The hostel is there for the outside students and the facilities are good.

Library and Reading Room[edit]

TBC: Describe the library, number of books available and other amenities and useful information.

IT Infrastructure[edit]

Ramaiah boast one of the best infrastructure among the law schools in India. Ramaiah is second only to NLS in Bangalore in terms of quality.

Extra Curricular Activities[edit]


The college organizes the Intra college moot court competition every year which the basic selection round to send people for the National Round of various moot court competition.

Apart from the Intra college moot court competition the college also organizes a Magna Carta Junior Moot Court Competition. Magna Carta is a constitutional research cell in the college. Students interested in constitutional law takes part in its various projects and activities.

National Moot[edit]

The college organizes a National Moot Court Competition on Media Laws every alternate year.

Student Activities[edit]

The college puts equal emphasis on the cultural activities. Apart from the cultural event which the college organize every year during the Freshers and Farewell, the college also organize an Inter Ramaiah Institutions Cultural Fest.


M. S. Ramaiah College of Law runs an active placement cell which is mostly student driven. Mrs. Archana Sarma, is the Faculty -in- charge of the Placement cell.

Seminars and Conferences[edit]

The college doesnot organize seminars for outside students but there are number of seminars which the college organizes every year for its students.

Academia and faculty[edit]

Notable faculty[edit]

Prof. Arungiri, Prof. Ramraju, Dr.(Mrs) Zawari Sudarshanam, Mrs. Archana Sarma, Mr. Nataraj G Y, Prof. Nagraj, Mr. Basavaraja, Mr. Arvind Kamath Mr. Mahadeshwar

Journals and publications[edit]

Legalia- a journal published by the publication dept. of the college.

Subjects available[edit]

TBC: Which subjects can you take? Which are optional or compulsory? Feel free to add professors teaching each subject or whatever else is worth mentioning.


The college have approximately 600 alumni till date.

Notable alumni[edit]

Most of the people who come to study in M. S. Ramaiah College of Law do have some strong legal background. 70% of student in MSRCL are from some good legal families.

The Alumni of Ramaiah can thus be found in varied sectors including some top firms in the country and also abroad.



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