ITMU Law School, Gurgaon

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ITM University, nationally renowned for leadership in Engineering Studies and Management at the Under Graduate and Post Graduate level has established a new law school to promote profound scholarship and enlightened research in law. The ITM University felt the need to establish this Law School to provide highest quality professional legal education to face the new challenges and dimensions of the internationalization of legal profession.

The vision of ITM Law School is to be ranked "Numero Uno" amongst the premier law schools of the country. ITM Law School will strive to achieve excellence in legal education through globally relevant academic programs, outstanding faculty members, interactive teaching pedagogy, limitless clinical trainings and far-reaching projects.

The ITM Law School is a next generation Law School established with the object of providing world class legal education, which aims at preparing legal professionals who will play decisive leadership roles, not only as advocates practicing in courts, but also as academics, legislators, judges, policy makers, public officials, civil society activists as well as legal counsel in the private sector, maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics and a spirit of public service.

Knowing thoroughly well that today, legal education has to meet not only the requirements of the Bar and the new needs of trade, commerce and industry but also the requirements of globalization, ITM LAW SCHOOL will ensure academic excellence and prepare legal professionals, equipped to meet the new challenges and dimensions of internationalization, where the nature and organization of law and legal practice are undergoing a paradigm shift.

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