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DeePLegaL is Rajasthan India based leading law firm having offices in Jaipur and Bharatpur specialized in IPR (Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Design, Geographical Indications), Information Technology law, Real Estate law.

Intellectual Property (IP) Laws - Patent Specification drafting, filing and prosecution for semiconductors, mobile communications, satellite communication, digital imaging, digital broadcasting, storage device, display devices, network business, electrical, electronics, computer, mechanics and all technology and engineering related inventions. - Patent search, Patentability Analysis and prepare prior art search reports - Technology mapping for R&D through patent search - Patent analysis and infringement evaluations - IP litigation and documentation including drafting replies, affidavits, written statements and other legal documents - IP auditing, portfolio management and strategies planning - IP Legal and Para-legal work support, substantive or administrative - IP due diligence - IP Licensing - Trademark, Copyright, Industrial Design, Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits, Geographical Indication registration filing, prosecution, enforcement, Protection, litigation