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Hi Sir,I think you can try to register with NTU, NUS, SMU, Kaplan, etc. to post admsetirevents on their jobs portals.NTU and NUS have job portals for the students. Although most of the people who apply are mostly foreigners if the company is niche or small.I had posted in NUS, NTU job portal before, and even though my company was international and multi-million, the average student/singaporean do not know it. So, the singaporeans applying were few. Many PRCs, Vietnamese, Myanmar students applied and it was easy to see they simply sent their resume in a mass-fashion.I wonder if you would like to create a marketing video or free simple app for your company on iphone/android/windows so people can download it for free and get to know more about your company's vision and core values.We are all living with constraints. I understand you have a business to run and students are trying to secure a *bright* career (at least that's what they think for now until a portion of them get their own crisis in those big MNCs/public sector which treats them as a number).Maybe as companies reach out more to singaporeans, we can help singaporeans be exposed to the opportunities in SMEs like TKL Associates.