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The WB National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) is one of the premiere national law schools of India.


The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences was established under the WBNUJS Act, 1999 (West Bengal Act IX of 1999) adopted by the West Bengal Legislature in July, 1999. The University was notified under Clause (f) of Section 2 of the UGC Act, 1956 in August 2004 and has been granted permanent affiliation by the Bar Council of India in July 2005.


NUJS campus is located in the Salt Lake city of Kolkata overlooking the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. The campus is well connected to the railway stations in Kolkata, the Kolkata airport and other well known destinations in Kolkata such as Park Street and Victoria Memorial.

Each faculty member of NUJS has an independent desk/work station, access to a personal computer/laptop and internet facilities in their respective offices. The faculty members also have adequate storage space and access to other desk services such as printing and intercom services in their offices. These facilities would get a major boost once the entire networking of the campus is completed, a process which is already underway with the help of ERNET.

The Chief Justice of India is the Chancellor of NUJS and is also the Chairman of the General Council, the supreme policy-making body of the University. Professor Mahendra Pal Singh is the Vice Chancellor of the University, one of the most respected and renowned legal scholars of India, is striving to become a centre of excellence. It is keen to attract talented faculties and students and further enrich its academic environment for cutting edge teaching and research.

Facts & Figures[edit]

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NUJS offers an undergraduate B.A. or B.Sc. degree with an LL.B. For Masters students, NUJS offers an LL.M. and an M.Phil. Doctoral students can opt for Ph.D.s and LL.D.s

B.A / B.Sc with LL.B. LL.M. M.Phil. Ph.D. LL.D.

Fee structure[edit]

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The NUJS campus is spread over an area of five acres of land comprising of an academic block, the halls of residence and a few flats for the faculties. The campus also has a guest house and a gymnasium for the students and the staff and faculties of NUJS. The latest addition to the NUJS infrastructure is its own auditorium. NUJS has built its own auditorium, on campus, with all modern facilities.

The academic block of the campus has the NUJS library; two fully air conditioned conference rooms; two huge lecture theatres; offices of the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar; offices of the faculty members and staff; LL.B and LL.M classrooms; and a canteen. NUJS provides several facilities to its students and faculties and is continuously striving to improve upon many of the existing facilities and add new facilities. NUJS students have access to computer and internet services in the library along with photocopying and printing services. Students and faculties have access to major legal databases such as Heinonline, Westlaw, Lexis Nexis, Manupatra and other databases. The University is working towards getting other databases as well to boost its research infrastructure.


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Library and Reading Room[edit]

Established on 1 June 2000, the NUJS Library supports the teaching and research activities of the University. As of 2009, the Library has a collection of over 14000 titles and more than 5000 volumes of bound periodicals as well a sizeable collection of electronic materials in CD-ROMs and legal databases providing online access via major legal platforms.

The main reading room is spread over 758 sq. metres of floor space, providing 400 seats. Its presently open 18 hours and envisages to open 7 x 24 hours before long. Internet access is available in the library on 21 machines and the library is wi-fi enabled allowing students and Faculty to access the net and online databases subscribed to by the University from their own laptops. On completion of the campus-wide LAN the Library resources will be accessible from any machine in the campus.

The Library automation (on LibSys software) is in progress. The library holds institutional membership with the British Council and the American Information Resource Center, enabling students to access for general purpose reading.<ref></ref>

IT Infrastructure[edit]

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Extra Curricular Activities[edit]


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With regard to mooting . NUJS has regularly impressed, right from winning the Willem C. Wis , Vienna , in the first attempt, to winning the ELSA World Rounds. It has also impressed in other International competitions like, Vis, Hongkong, Commonwealth International Moot, Manfried Lachs etc.

With regard to National Moots too it has regularly impressed. It placed 3rd on Legally India's Allen & Overy sponsored, Mooting Premier League.

Student Activities[edit]

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Seminars and Conferences[edit]


Academia and faculty[edit]

Notable faculty[edit]

NUJS has a very rich faculty, with diverse backgrounds, drawn from almost all corners of India. NUJS faculty has been trained in top universities in India and abroad and has been constantly involved in delivering quality teaching and research. The faculty members of NUJS have made a name for themselves, in their respective fields, by publishing research in reputed journals in India and abroad and with renowned publishing houses and are playing a key role in pushing the frontiers of legal knowledge and expertise. NUJS has also attracted leading academicians, as visiting faculties, from top universities such as University of Sydney, University of London, National University of Singapore, Freiburg University and others.Provide citation

Journals and publications[edit]

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Subjects available[edit]

NUJS has organized itself into a number of Schools and Centres of study, each independent in conception and operation, yet integrated through programmes of teaching, research and extension activities.


The Centers in NUJS are:

  • Centre for Consumer Protection and Welfare
  • Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Studies
  • Centre for Studies in WTO Laws
  • Centre for Women and Law


The Schools in NUJS are:

  • The School of Criminal Justice & Administration (SCJA)
  • The School of Economic & Business Laws (SEBL)
  • The School of Legal Practice & Development (SLPD)
  • The School of Private Laws & Comparative Jurisprudence (SPLCJ)
  • The School of Public Law & Governance (SPLG)
  • The School of Social Sciences (SSS)
  • The School of Technology, Law & Development


NUJS has the following two chairs:

Chair on Human Rights Chair on Intellectual Property Rights


Students that have passed out from NUJS are working in top law firms in India and abroad, some are practicing in courts and some have entered the field of legal academics and are teaching in India and abroad. Many of the NUJS students have been awarded prestigious scholarships such as Rhodes, Felix and Chevening for higher studies in the United Kingdom and also in the United States and other leading universities.Provide citation

Notable alumni[edit]

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