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Could you consider adding M.C Chagla organised by GLC Bombay to this list. It has a decent participation, in invite only and all the law schools send decent teams to it. The judging is also quite good with the finals being judged by a bench of sitting Bombay High Court judges and the semi-finals by some very studly senior councils from the Bombay High Court.

Hope that this will be considered as at least a tier 5 moot.

Add Nyayavalokan by SVKM's Pravin Gandhi College of Law in MPL

Hey, could you consider adding Nyayavolokan organized by SVKM's Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai which was ranked 19 in MPL 2012-2013. Also nyayavolokan is the only trial to be held after surana and surana on a national level. It was a tier 5 moot two years back but for some reason it was removed later on. Participation and judging of this trial is also on a good level, with National law schools and other prestigious college participating. MPL should really consider adding this trial in tier 5 or 4. Thank you