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Suggestions for MPL 3 additions

Suggestions for MPL 3, most probably starting later this month with the Raj Anand Moot Court Competition in intellectual property (IP) organised by Anand & Anand after a two-year hiatus. It will take place on 27 August 2011 and will most probably be the first moot of MPL 3 and is proposed to enter the MPL at Tier 4.

IICLAM Moot, which was in Tier 4 last year but was excluded due to unfortunate timings, will be back in Tier 4 and take place on 2 September,

Team MPL is proposing to promote the Oxford Media Moot to Tier 2 and the Oxford India Moot to the Third Tier. Please see the websites of the Oxford Media Moot (World Rounds) and the Oxford Media India Moot for more details.

Oxford Media Moot World Rounds:

27 teams from across the world participated in the moot and the website gives details about the judges who are from across the world. After last year’s successful run the Moot deserves to be upgraded for its transparency and the quality of judging and can find good place amongst Tier 2 World Class moots along other moots such as the ICC Trial Moot, Manfred Lachs Asian rounds and the Stetson world rounds.

Oxford Media Moot India Rounds:

22 law schools participated in this competition. That is similar to any of the other Tier 3 moots like DM Harish, Jessup and Stetson Qualifiers. Again, when it comes to judging and transparency, the Oxford India moot will probably be rated higher than many other Tier 3 moots. Team MPL sees no reason why this moot should not be upgraded from Tier 4 to Tier 3.

Exclude Commonwealth Moot World Rounds and Commonwealth Moot India rounds from Tier 4 and 5 respectively as the moot is not happening this year. The Commonwealth Moot is organised only once in two years.

Question marks over the GH Raisoni Moot, which was a Tier 5 moot. Does it need to be included in Tier 5? Team MPL has received feedback that it is not very popular and there is little transparency on how it is conducted and winners are announced. Team MPL is therefore minded to exclude it from the MPL.

Team MPL is minded for the SP Sathe Moot to be excluded from the MPL this season, despite its reasonable popularity as a Tier 5 Moot. Last year there was no website and little transparency on the dates of the moot and the eventual results. The ILS Pune organisers were also actively opposed to the idea of reporting the moot’s results as part of the MPL that year or in future.

Suggestions welcome below! --Kianganz 11:31, 23 August 2011 (IST)

Another moot we forgot in the first iteration of suggestions: The School of Law Christ University Moot Court Competition 2011 Bangalore has been proposed to be included as a Tier 5 moot. It is held from the 8 to the 11 September 2011 and winners receive Rs 20,000 as prize money. --Kianganz 17:52, 23 August 2011 (IST)

BCI moot

Degrading of Bar Council of India Moot, before last year, BCI was having most challenging format of mooting in India, it was put in world class, but last year judging quality, problem quality was really pathetic, so it can not be treated equal to DM Harish moot which has improved a lot in terms of reputation and participation in last three years. Participation of foreign teams in DM Harish is really good and challenging. I request you to upgrade it to World Class (Tier 4)because it is the only Indian moot where judging quality and participation matches world class level and its definetely better than the national rounds of stetson and jessup which are in same tier. --By 30 August 2011

At User: D M Harish Moot is in Tier 3. You have mentioned it as Tier 4. However I feel that there is no need for an upgradation of this moot. As GIMC which also has a good foreign participation is placed at a rank below D M Harish. BCIT Moot should be given more time, keeping in mind the standard and prestige involved with the moot.--User:Mohit Singh 14:09, 4 September 2011 (IST)

Thanks for your inputs. DM Harish is definitely better than other international moots in India like GIMC, NLS Arbitration, etc. It has been around for eleven years now and has gained a world class reputation and hence deserves a place in Tier 2. And though BCI is the most popular national moot, their judging is quite controversial. - Prashanth

Raj Anand Moot

In my opinion this moot should be placed in Tier 5 instead of Tier 4 as this moot was not much known for last three years and it appears that there has been a gap of 4 years after its discontinuance of organisation. Also the moot this year was organised at a time when most of the Universities were not done with their internal rounds. In a situation wherein moots like NLU Anti Trust, NFCG-Nalsar Moot on Corporate Governance, NLU Delhi All India Corporate Moot and old and popular moots like Rizvi Moot and ULC Bangalore Moot have been placed in tier 5, I suggest to change the Tier of this moot from 4 to 5.--Mohit Singh 13:53, 4 September 2011 (IST)

Though Raj Anand was organized this season after a two year hiatus, the moot was quite popular earlier. The moot was started in 1998 and its twelfth edition just concluded last month. Agree with the bad timings, but the moot is one of India's best IPR moots and deserves a place in Tier 4, higher than other Tier 5 moots. - Prashanth

Memorial Selection

Certain Moots such as World Human Rights Moot, Oxford IP Moot, Ledin Sarin Air Law Moot have Memorial Selection Rounds as qualifiers. I suggest that there should be a marking criterion for these moots wherein the teams compete with other teams for their memorial selection. Other International Moots generally do not have the cap or have a high cap for the participation of teams. Contrary to this where there is a memorial selection round, only few teams get qualified irrespective of the participation of many other Indian Teams. Kindly consider this point.--Mohit Singh14:09, 4 September 2011 (IST)

As far as I know, ICC Trial Moot in Tier 2 has a memo elimination round, but they do not disclose the number of teams that submitted the memo. We've heard from law schools that around 10-15 teams usually submit their memos every year. The World Human Rights moot is virtually unknown and sees very little participation. Oxford IP has a memo elimination, but only around 5-7 teams submit their memos every year. IICLAM also has memo elimination where out of 19 memos that were submitted, only three were eliminated and 16 teams were allowed to participate in the moot. Leiden Sarin does not have memo elimination, but has a national qualifying round in which eight teams participated last year. Though the idea of having separate points for memo elimination is definitely good, except for ICC Trial, no other moots would be worthy candidate for this. - Prashanth