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Any thoughts? Kianganz

  • Fiat Justitia National Moot Court Competition is replacing the Govind Swaminadhan National Moot, organised by AGLC, Chennai. The moot has 3 problems, framed this year by Rhodes Scholar V. Niranjan. It had a good standard of judging last year as well. Why is it not included in the list of Tier 5 domestic moots?

Add Moot[edit]

Please add the Dubai Leiden Air Law Moot, for which there were international rounds concluding next week. Also, there had been national rounds for the same moot. Pease addd accordingly.

NALSAR won the national rounds and has reached the international rounds finals.

Point Structure[edit]

I guess this is too late to make changes to MPL 2, but this is a suggestion for MPL 3 - don't differentiate so much between winner and runner-up in Tier 3 and 4 competitions. The runner-up should be maximum 5 points behind the winner, as is the case with other Tiers.