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Can anyone fix the infobox template?

-Yes, you're right, we need to create the infobox template. Unfortunately it is quite complicated and needs lots of copy-pasting - if anyone can help or there is an easy way, please let me know via my user page. Thanks! ps: in the meantime, please leave the currenty infobox code, which should then kick in once it's done. --[User:WikiAdmin] 15:31, 1 September 2010 (IST)

Beautiful write-up by the way, very nice, should be an example to others! --[User:WikiAdmin] 15:33, 1 September 2010 (IST)

Napster: I strongly feel that you should chuck out the part related to Centres of Excellence. There is no point giving information about what the University seeks to do in the future. Instead, the article should focus on what the University's functioning and its past.

Okay. Can we keep the names of the Centers which are already working ?

I think only the Foreign Policy Center and the Sports Law Center have conducted some seminar and are on the move. The others are still dormant. So, till all the Centers start full fledged work, we can keep them excluded.