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University of Maryland School of Law, Maryland
Stetson University, Tampa, Florida
==Dates of moot in 2010-11==
==Dates of moot in 2010-11==

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Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition is world's most prestigious moot on environmental law. The moot, with its North and South India regional selection rounds, is part of the Mooting Premier League.

North India selection rounds[edit]

Full entry on Stetson North India Rounds.

South India selection rounds[edit]

Full entry on Stetson South India Rounds.


Stetson University


Stetson University, Tampa, Florida

Dates of moot in 2010-11[edit]

17-20 March 2011.<ref>http://www.law.stetson.edu/tmpl/academics/bio/internal-1-sub.aspx?id=4642</ref>

Moot problem in 2010-11[edit]

The problem, based on International Environmental Law, is available here.

Previous winners[edit]

2010 - University of Maryland School of Law