School of Law, Sastra University, Thanjavur

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Humanity has always turned to excellence as a flower turns towards the sun. Quality thus perceived, is an abiding interest in, and a desire to develop, whatever is regarded as excellent in Arts, scholarly pursuits of Sciences, Engineering, Technology, and Humanities. The need to educate and train young men and women, to hone them into professionally competent, rounded personalities has been our burning passion. It was Richard Mulcaster of Elizabethan England who declared: “It is not a mind, not a body that we have to cultivate, but a man, and we cannot divide him”.

Known for producing some of the best legal minds, Thanjavur has to its credit, the famed SASTRA University.

The Bar Council of India's approval to the School of Law at SASTRA University has unfolded a new chapter for private initiative in legal education. SASTRA University ventured forth and began the first private Law School in Tamil Nadu in the academic year 2008-09.With a view to build a world class law school, SASTRA has undertaken ernest endeavours and leaves no stones unturned. With three 5yrs integrated programmes- B.A, L.L.B; B.B.A, L.L.B and B.Com., L.L.B - providing students diverse knowledge in the field of social sciences, business and economics, it is beyond doubt that legal education at SASTRA will prepare legal professionals who will play a decisive role in meeting various challenges.

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Thanjavur/ Tanjore, Tamil Nadu.


The Vice-chancellor: R. Sethuraman;

Head of the Department (School of Law): Dr. P. Ravishekararaju


Merit based admission system.


TBC: Write a little about how mooting in college is organised.

Student Activities

TBC: Other activities organised by students, including social or otherwise. Describe the structure of student body management.

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