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Professor V. S. Mani is an internationally renowned legal scholar and an expert in the field of public international law. Formerly he was Professor at Centre of International Legal Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Director of its Human Rights Teaching and Research Programme. He was also the founder-Director of the prestigious Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, India. Currently, he is the director of the law faculty of Jaipur National University, Jaipur. Professor Mani has also appeared before the International Court of Justice as agent and counsel on several occasions. He was Legal Advisor to the Government of the Republic of Nauru in 1981-83 and again in 1985-90. He was directly involved in organising Nauru’s case against Australia before the International Court of Justice (1986–93). He was a member of the Indian legal team to the ICJ led by India’s Attorney-General, Mr. Soli J. Sorabji, in Pakistan’s case against India (the Atlantique case) in 1999-2000. He was involved in the drafting of pleadings in at least four cases before the World Court. He has authored/edited seven books and more than 98 research articles, some published in international journals and books, including one published in a book on Essays in International Law published by the United Nations Office of the Legal Affairs. In 2003, he was elected Executive President of the Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi. In 2005, Professor Mani delivered a lecture titled "Humanitarian Intervention Today" at the prestigious "summer course" at the Hague Academy of International Law. An invitation to deliver these Hague lectures are considered very prestigious in Academia, and only very few Indian scholars like R.P. Anand, Nagendra Singh & Upendra Baxi have delivered lectures at the Academy. Presently he is a Director of the Seedling School of Law and Governance at the Jaipur National University. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Indian Yearbook of International Law and Policy. on 1st September, 2013, the Indian Association of Law Firms (President Mr. Lalit Bhasin) conferred on Professor Mani the 'Professor N.R. Madhava Menon Best Law Teacher 2013' Award.


Newspaper & Popular Magazine Articles

  • "Needed, a law on genocide", The Hindu, Apr 10, 2002.

Scholarly Articles

  • "ISAF in Afghanistan: A Study in Nursing after a Humanitarian' Surgery, Indian Journal of International Law (2005).
  • "Six Decades of The United Nations-An Indian Perception", Indian Journal of International Law (2004)
  • "Effectuation of International Law in the Municipal Legal Order –The Law and Practice in India", Asian Yearbook of International Law, Vol.5, pp. 161–2 (1997).
  • "International humanitarian law: an Indo-Asian perspective" International Review of the Red Cross (2001).
  • "The Fifth Afghan War and International Law", Economic & Political Weekly (2002).
  • "On International Law", Seminar (1995).


  • "International litigation and peaceful settlement of disputes: a case study of Certain phosphate lands in Nauru", in Collection of Essays by Legal Advisers of States, Legal Advisers of International Organizations and Practitioners in the Field of International Law. 2000.
  • "The Friendly Relations Declaration & the International Court of Justice", in Legal Visions of the 21st Century: Essays in Honour of Judge Christopher Weeramantry, The Hague: Kluwer Law International, 1998.
  • "The common heritage of mankind - Implications for the legal status of property rights on the moon and celestial bodies", in IISL Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space, 39th, Beijing, China; United States; 7-11 Oct. 1996. pp. 31–37. 1997

Books Edited

  • Recent Trends in International Space Law and Policy. Co-edited by V.S. Mani, S. Bhatt & V.B. Reddy. Delhi: Lancers Books. 1997.


  • Basic Principles of Modern International Law. Delhi: Lancers Books, 2001.
  • Basic Principles of International Law: A Study of United Nations Debate on the Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation Among States. 1995.
  • International Adjudication: Procedural Aspects. 1980.