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Arrey yeh toh Nalsoor hai..mast college hai baba. Come on yaaron, sutte ki baarat hai, bigde hue haalaat hain
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NALSAR was established as a consequence of the NALSAR University Act (Act 34 of 1998) of the AP Legislative Assembly. Prof. Ranbir Singh was the founder Vice-Chancellor and remained so for two terms till 2008.
NALSAR is located near Shamirpet, around 28 km from Hyderabad city on the Karimnagar highway. The campus abuts the Shamirpet Lake and is spread over more than 50 acres.
TBC: The Vice-chancellor, directors and other notable faculty in charge of managing the university.
===Facts & Figures===
TBC: How many students are there in total, and how many in each intake? How many faculty and other staff?
TBC - how do you apply to join the law school? Is there a test? If so, which one?
===Fee structure===
TBC: How much does it cost to study here per year? Are concessions and support available? If so, describe them.
RS 1,88,000/- per year
TBC: How many hostel rooms are there? What is the state of the facilities?
===Library and Reading Room===
TBC: Describe the library, number of books available and other amenities and useful information.
===IT Infrastructure===
TBC: How many computers are there available? How about internet connectivity? Other IT facilities?
==Extra Curricular Activities==
TBC: Write a little about how mooting in college is organised.
===Student Activities===
TBC: Other activities organised by students, including social or otherwise. Describe the structure of student body management.
===Seminars and Conferences===
==Academia and faculty==
===Notable faculty===
TBC - feel free to create separate pages with biographies and details about each professor.
===Journals and publications===
NALSAR publishes a host of distinguished legal journals. They include
- The Indian Journal of Constitutional Law
- The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law
- The Indian Journal of Law and Economics
- NALSAR Student Law Review
- Media Law Review
===Subjects available===
TBC: Which subjects can you take? Which are optional or compulsory? Feel free to add professors teaching each subject or whatever else is worth mentioning.
TBC: How many alumni approximately does the college have? Is there a formal and organised network?
===Notable alumni===
TBC: List some alumni who have made a mark in the profession or gone on to do interesting things.
==External links==
* http://www.nalsar.ac.in/

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