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===Seminars and Conferences===
===Seminars and Conferences===
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This college was founded in 1999 by Prof. N. L. Mitra.


NH-65, Nagour Road, Mandore, Jodhpur - 342304 (Rajasthan) - INDIA


TBC: The Vice-chancellor, directors and other notable faculty in charge of managing the university.

Vice Chancellor: Justice N.N Mathur Registrar: Mr. Ratan Lahoti( R.A.S ) Dean Faculty of Law: Dr. I.P Massey Dean Faculty of Science: Dr. K.K Banerji Dean Faculty of Management: Professor U.R Daga Director Placement Cell: Professor U.R Daga Assistant Dean Faculty of Policy Sciences: Dr. K.V.Mohanan Assistant Registrar(Placement Cell): Mr. Gaurav Mathur

Facts & Figures

TBC: How many students are there in total, and how many in each intake? How many faculty and other staff?


TBC - how do you apply to join the law school? Is there a test? If so, which one?

Fee structure

TBC: How much does it cost to study here per year? Are concessions and support available? If so, describe them..



NLU Jodhpur has 5 girls hostels and 6 boys hostels. All hostels have individual rooms with common bathrooms.Each room also has an individual balcony. Each room is equipped with an internet connection, cupboard, bed etc. There are cleaners available to clean the room on a daily basis.

Library and Reading Room

TBC: Describe the library, number of books available and other amenities and useful information.

IT Infrastructure

National Law University has a student computer ratio of 1:1 and each student of NLU is connected globally 24 X 7. University Computer Lab has 30 Functional Computers connected to Internet. University has leased line internet connection of 8 Mbps, Further going to expanded by next session to 48 Mbps.

All the eight Halls of Residence are connected through Local Area Network (LAN). 100 Mbps Ethernet wiring is provided in every hostel room.

Wi-Fi: The Wireless networking (Wi-Fi) is available in the Academic Block, Library building and Mess Block. Three Wi-Fi Switches are installed in Academic Block and Library for providing Wireless Networking.

Online Libraries:

The University has subscribed to following online libraries: 1. www.manupatra.com (Leading law library for Indian Laws.) 2. www.westlaw.com (Leading law library for International Law.) 3. www.jstor.org (For selected National and International Journals.) 4. www.heinonline.org (For International and Non U.S. Law Journals)

Extra Curricular Activities


TBC: Write a little about how mooting in college is organised.

Student Activities

TBC: Other activities organised by students, including social or otherwise. Describe the structure of student body management.



Seminars and Conferences