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Dear Dereje Demisse,We all, who love Ethiopia allways Remember Ethiopia's Patriots , from Solgers till Generals who preeocttd her from enemies, who gave their blood and life for her freedom. Brigadier eneral Demisse Bulto was one of the best rememberd by protecting Ethiopia, commanding Ethiopias defence in East and nort, lastly wished the better development, but gave his life finaly! Loss of Ethiopias Br.general Demisse and other ever rememberd Generals and other officers by Ethiopia, lead to heavy and fall of Ethiopia , her prestige, etc I thank you for fulfilling such a mission, the patriotic mission of your father. in the mean time, I ask you to follow up, that my brother who resides in USA made an ordr of purchase and also informed the salers of your book, Abate Yachin Saat, to send it to me by postal adress in Ukraine. almost a month has pased, money paid, but no book is received.Please make what you can, we buy it because the book is priceless, but after receiving paymenyt, why the sellers ignor i do not know.regardsTesfaye