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The [[2009-10 Mooting Premier League scoring criteria]] allocated points to [[moot court competitions]] in each Tier according to the following rules.
#REDIRECT [[MPL2_competitions#Scoring_criteria]]
''Please add suggestions for changes for the [[MPL 2]] in the Discussion page or as notes in the text below.''
==[[Moot court competitions#Tier_1_moots|Tier 1 Moots]]==
*Best Team: 20 points
*Runners Up: 15 points
*Best Orator / Memorial / Researcher: 12 points each
*Honourable Mention: 10 points
*Semi Finalist: 10 points
==[[Moot court competitions#Tier 2 moots|Tier 2 Moots]]==
*Best Team: 15 points
*Runners Up: 10 points
*Best Orator / Memorial / Researcher: 10 points each
*Semi finalist: 7 points
*Honourable Mention: 7 points
==[[Moot court competitions#Tier 3 moots|Tier 3 Moots]]==
*Best Team: 10 points
*Runners Up: 7 points
*Best Orator / Memorial / Researcher: 7 points each
==[[Moot court competitions#Tier_4_moots|Tier 4 Moots]]==
*Best Team: 6 points
*Runners Up: 3 points
*Best Orator / Memorial / Researcher: 5 points each
==[[Moot court competitions#Tier_5_moots|Tier 5 Moot points?]]==

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