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<table class="tableizer-table">
<table class="tableizer-table">
<tr class="tableizer-firstrow"><th>Pos</th><th>Law school</th><th>T1</th><th>T2</th><th>T3</th><th>T4</th><th>T5</th><th>Org</th><th>W</th><th>R/u</th><th>S/F</th><th>B S</th><th>B M/R</th><th>HM</th><th>Pts</th><th>Details</th></tr>
<tr class="tableizer-firstrow"><th>Pos</th><th>Law school</th><th>T1</th><th>T2</th><th>T3</th><th>T4</th><th>T5</th><th>Org</th><th>W</th><th>R/u</th><th>S/F</th><th>B S</th><th>B M/R</th><th>HM</th><th>Pts</th><th>Details</th></tr>

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PosLaw schoolT1T2T3T4T5OrgWR/uS/FB SB M/RHMPtsDetails
1NLSIU Bangalore170 802428 423252302Rizvi Moot (Semis); Surana Trial - South (Gold); Manfred Lachs Space Moot World Rounds (Gold, memo, speaker); Stetson South India (Gold); Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers (Silver, speaker); KK Luthra Criminal (semis); Jessup South Rounds (Gold, memo, speaker); GIMC (silver); Kerala Law Academy (semis) NUJS Herbert Smith (Best Memo) NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Runners Up) (Best Researcher) (Best Memo); Vis, Vienna (Honorable Mention- Speaker) Jessup World Rounds (Winners) (Honorable Mentions- 2nd Best Oralist, Best Speaker in Finals)
2NLU Delhi30909016221525216249HMMCC (Semis); Henry Dunant (gold); NLU Delhi Corp Moot (organiser); NLIU Juris Corp (Semis); Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers (Gold, memo); Commonwealth Moot Nat'l (semis); Stetson North Rounds (silver, speaker), Jessup North (Gold); Kerala Law Academy (silver) NUJS Herbert Smith (Semis) NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Semifinalist); Red Cross Moot (Winners)(Best Speaker) ; Oxford IPR Moot (Runners Up); Leiden Sarin Air Law Moot (Best Speaker)(Honourable Mention for Best Applicant Team) Jessup World Rounds (Honorable Mentions - 19th Best Team, 21st Best Speaker, 3rd best Memo); Oxford Media Moot (Win, 2nd & 3rd oralist for HM)
3NUJS Kolkata2545 164822226 3136HMMCC (Best team)(speaker) (Nani Palkhivala (silver); (BR Sawhney (speaker);(SLCU Moot (Gold, speaker); Surana Trial North East: (silver); (KK Luthra) (speaker); DM Harish (semis & speaker); NUJS Herbert Smith (org); ELSA WTO Asian Rounds (Best Speaker) (Semis); Vis (East), Hong Kong, (Honorable Mention- Best Pan-Asian Team); Vis, Vienna (Honorable Mention- Respondent Memo and Octa Finalists)
4NLU Jodhpur20 30353012353 2116(Henry Dunant) (silver); (Surana Trial Adv - North) (semis); (B.R Sawhney Moot) (semis) ; (NLIU Juris Corp) (Semis); (Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers) (Semis);(Commonwealth Moot National Rounds) (Gold) (speaker), Jessup North (semis, speaker);(KK Luthra) (Gold); ULC Bangalore (silver); NUJS Herbert Smith (Runners Up) (Best Speaker) NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Organizers); Vis East, Hong Kong (Honorable Mention - Respondent Memorandum, Honourable Mention, 2nd Best Oralist)
5Symbiosis, Pune40  3515 111 2290(NLIU Juris Corp) Best Researcher; Kerala Law Academy (gold); Surana Corporate Moot (Semis) Amity Moot (Runners Up); GH Raisoni Moot (Winners) (Best Researcher); Vis (East) Hong Kong (Quarter Finalists) ( 2 Honorable Mentions for Speakers)
6ILS Pune101552733 21312190(HMMCC) (Best researcher); (SLCU Moot) (silver); (NLIU Juris Corp) (gold); (Stetson South India)(Semis); DM Harish (semis) Surana Corporate Moot (Best Oralist) (Semis); ULC Bangalore (orator); GH Raisoni (Semis) ; NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Winners); Vis, Vienna (Honorable Mention- Respndent Memorandum)
7RMLNLU Lucknow 3030420 121 2384(NLU Delhi Corp Moot) (gold, best researcher); (Surana Trial Adv - North) (memo);(Stetson North Rounds) (Gold), Jessup North (silver);GNLU International Moot (semifinalists); Stetson World Rounds (Semi Finalists) ( Honourable Mention - 2nd Best Memorial, 5th Best Speaker, 6th Best Speaker)
8HNLU Raipur  103241122216 84Nani Palkhivala (Best Researcher); (Pro Bono) (Runner's Up, speaker, Best researcher, memo) (Rizvi Moot) (silver) (Justice Hidayatullah Moot) (organizer) (Stetson North Rounds) (memo); Surana Trial North East (winner, speaker) (KK Luthra) (memo); Kerala Law Academy (semis) Amity Moot (Best Memo) NUJS Herbert Smith (Semis)
9Nalsar Hyderabad30 582511  12369(HMMCC (silver); (Rizvi Moot) (Best team); (B.R Sawhney Moot) (organisers); (NLIU Juris Corp) (speaker);(FDI Moot (memo);(Commonwealth Moot National Rounds) (memo); Jessup South (Semifinalists); Vis (East), Hong Kong (Honorable Mention- Claimant Memo); Vis, Vienna (Honorable Mentions- Speaker, Claimant Memorandum)
10GNLU Gandhinagar  530212 131 158(Nani Palkhivala) (best team); (NLU Delhi Corp Moot) (Best team);(FDI Moot) (Honourable Mention);Jessup North (semis); GNLU International Moot (organizers) Surana Corporate Moot (Gold); GH Raisoni Moot (Runners Up)(Best Mooter) NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Semifinalist); Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot (Semifinalists)
11RGNUL Patiala 20 325  21 3 57(HMMCC (silver); (Rizvi Moot) (Best team); (B.R Sawhney Moot) (organisers); (NLIU Juris Corp) (speaker);(FDI Moot (memo);(Commonwealth Moot National Rounds) (memo); Jessup South (Semifinalists); Vis (East), Hong Kong (Honorable Mention- Claimant Memo); Vis,Vienna (Honorable Mentions- Speaker.
12Jindal Global Law School  20815 1 212 43(Nani Palkhivala) (memo)(Henry Dunant) (best researcher, semis); (Surana Trial Adv - North) (gold); (Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers)(Semis); NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Best Speaker)
13NUALS Kochi  10235 11  2 38(NLU Delhi Corp Moot) (silver); (Stetson South) (memo); Kerala Law Academy (memo) Amity Moot (Winners)
14Faculty of Law, Jamia Milia Islamia University  10810  1 11 28Nani Palkhivala (speaker); Henry Dunant (memo); Surana Trial adv-North (Silver, speaker)
15GLC Mumbai  1088    11 26(Surana Trial Advocacy South) (silver) (NLU Delhi Corp Law Moot) (Semifinalist); Jessup South Rounds (silver); GNLU International Moot (memo)
16NLUO Cuttack   1213   1 2 25B.R Sawhney Moot (memo); NLIU Juris Corp (memo); GH Raisoni Moot (Best Memo) (Semis);Amity Moot (Semifinalists) ;
17Amity Law School,Delhi (IP University)  541321 2   24Commonwealth Moot (semis); Stetson North Rounds (semis); GIMC (semis) Amity Moot (Organizers) ; ELSA WTO Asian Rounds (winners)
18SVKM's Pravin Gandhi College of Law  5 16   211 21SLCU Moot (memo, semis); Jessup South (semis); ULC Bangalore (semis, memo)
19Nirma University  1083   3   21Henry Dunant (semis); (Pro Bono) Semis; Stetson North Rounds (semis)
20CNLU Patna  20    1  1 20(Stetson South) (Silver); Jessup North (memo)
21Campus Law Centre, New Delhi   154 1 1   19KK Luthra (Semifinalists); NUJS Herbert Smith Moot (Winners)
22ULC Bangalore    1611   1 17(NLU Delhi Corp Moot) (memo);(Pro-bono Enviro Moot (Gold); ULC moot (org)
23NLIU Bhopal   482  2 1 14HMMCC (Semis, memo); Nani Palkhivala (semis); NLIU JurisCorp (org);
24Amity Law School Noida    13   111 13Rizvi Moot (semis, speaker, memo);
25KLA, Trivandrum  10      1  10Stetson South (speaker)
26Department of Law, North-Eastern Hill University  10      1  10Henry Dunant (speaker);
27KIIT School of Law    10 1     10B.R Sawhney Moot (Gold) ;
28Faculty of Law, Allahbad University    10 1     10ULC Bangalore (Gold)
29Faculty of Law, Benaras Hindu University   8        8Surana Corporate Moot (memo)
30School of Legal Studies, CUSAT Kochi    8   1 1 8Surana Trial South (memo, semis);
31UILS Punjab    8    1  8Kerala Law Academy (speaker)
32School of Law, Sastra University, Thanjavur   06   2   6Surana Trial - South (semis); Pro Bono (Semis)
33V.M. Salgaoncar, Goa  5     1   5Stetson South (Semis)
34A K K New Law Academy, Pune    5  1    5Commonwealth Moot National Rounds (Runners Up)
35New Law College, Bharti Vidayapeeth University, Pune    5    1  5Surana Trial Adv - South (speaker);
36Lucknow University Faculty of Law    5     1 5Surana Trial Adv - North East (memo)
36GLC Ernakulam    5     1 5ULC Bangalore (memo)
37Symbiosis, Noida   4    1   4Amity Moot (Semifinalists)
38Law Centre-I, Delhi University    3   1   3ULC Bangalore (Semifinalists)
39JSS Law College, Mysore     2      2Surana Corporate Moot (Organizer)