Mooting Premier League 2010-11 moot court competitions

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Provisionally the following competitions will be included in the MPL 2.

Total- 47 Moots. Tier 1- 6 Moots | Tier 2- 5 Moots | Tier 3- 16 Moots | Tier 4- 20 Moots

Tier 1 - Global Championships

These are the world finals of the most prestigious moot court competitions in the world and includes Vis Vienna, which is the world's single biggest moot by the numbers of teams

Tier 2 - World Class

These are the widely-recognised international mooting events where a substantial number of Indian teams participate or outstanding competitive Indian national moots such as the Bar Council of India Moot

Tier 3 - National Elite

These mooting events include a mix of national qualifiers to Tier 1 events and other national and international competitions that see a good level of participation from Indian law schools but are slightly less competitive or well-known than the higher tier moots.

Tier 4 - National Contenders

A majority of these top national mooting events see participation from varying ranges of Indian law schools. Some moots, such as GNLU International Moot and NLS International Arbitration, even see international participation.

Scoring criteria

Tier 1 • Best Team: 20 points • Runners Up: 15 points • Best Orator / Memorial / Researcher: 12 points each • Semi Finalist: 10 points • Honourable Mention: 10 points

Tier 2 • Best Team: 15 points • Runners Up: 10 points • Best Orator / Memorial / Researcher: 10 points each • Semi finalist: 7 points • Honourable Mention: 7 points

Tier 3 • Best Team: 10 points • Runners Up: 7 pointsSemi finalist: 4 points • Best Orator / Memorial / Researcher: 7 points each

Tier 4 • Best Team: 7 pointsRunners Up: 4 pointsSemi finalist: 2 points • Best Orator / Memorial / Researcher: 4 points each

Now, we need your help:

  1. Look through the list and decide whether you agree with the rankings.
  2. Do you agree with the scoring criteria? Should more points be given for a tier, or less points?
  3. Think of some catch names to call each tier and let us know!