Mooting Premier League 2009-10

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The final results of the 2009-10 academic year season of the Mooting Premier League that was sponsored by Clifford Chance.

Rank Law school Points Wins
1. Nalsar Hyderabad 157 IICLAM (best memorial); Henry Dunant Indian rounds (runners-up); Surana Trial Advocacy South (best team, best memorial); Nani Palkhiwala (best memorial), Bar Council of India (best team); KK Luthra (runners-up, best speaker); NLIU Tankha (runners-up, best memo); MM Singhvi (best memo); Jessup South (runner-up); DM Harish (best researcher); Surana Corporate (best team, best memorial); SP Sathe (best team, best orator); KLA Moot (runners up); NUJS Herbert Smith (best team, best memorial); Surana Int'l Tech Moot (best memorial); Amity Moot (runners up, best orator, best memorial, best researcher); Philip C Jessup (semi-finalist); ISRO Manfred Lachs funding rounds (best orator); NLS Arbitration (best orator; runner-up)
2. NLSIU Bangalore 119 Manfred Lachs (best team, best orator); Stetson South (best advocate), Bar Council of India (best orator); KK Luthra (best memorial); MM Singhvi (best researcher); Jessup South (best team, best orator); KLA Moot (best memorial); ISRO Manfred Lachs funding rounds (runners up, best memorial); Philip C Jessup (honourable mention: 4th best memorial); Manfred Lachs Sydney (runner-up, honourable mention second best speaker)
3. NUJS Kolkata 95 All India Corporate Law Moot (best team, best researcher); Willem C Vis Hong Kong (honorable mention); ISRO Manfred Lachs funding round (best team); Willem C Vis Vienna (best orator hon. mention); Manfred Lachs Sydney (semi-finalist, honourable mention second-best memorial); NLS Arbitration (best team, best memorial); ELSA WTO Moot (best team, best orator, hon. mention 3rd best orator)
4. NLU Jodhpur 94 Nalsar B.R.Sawhney (runners-up, best memorial); Stetson North (best team, best memorial); Jessup North (best team, best orator); Surana Corporate (runners up, best orator); SP Sathe (best memorial); KLA Moot (best team, best orator); NUJS Herbert Smith (runners-up); Surana Int'l Tech Moot (best orator); Amity Moot (best team); Stetson International (5th & 6th best orator)
5. School of Excellence in Law (SOEL) Chennai 43 Henry Dunant Indian rounds (best team, best orator), NLIU Tankha (best orator); Nani Palkhiwala (best team); Red Cross Asia Pacific (semi-finalist; honourable mention best memorial)
6. ILS Law College Pune 31 Bar Council of India (runners-up); DM Harish (runners-up); NUJS Herbert Smith (best speaker); Surana International Tech Moot (best team); ULC Bangalore Moot (best team)
7. GNLU Gandhinagar 31 IICLAM (runners-up); ELSA WTO Asia (runners-up, best orator), WTO ELSA Moot (semi-finalist, hon mention 2nd best orator)
8. NLIU Bhopal 29 All India Corporate Law Moot (runners-up, best orator); Nalsar B.R.Sawhney (best team, best orator); Stetson South (best memorial); MM Singhvi (runners-up)
9. Government Law College (GLC) Mumbai 26 KK Luthra (best team); MM Singhvi (best team); DM Harish (best orator, best memorial)
10. Amity Law School IP University Delhi 25 IICLAM (best team & best orator); Stetson North (runner-up), Jessup North (best memorial)
11. Symbiosis, Pune 24 Nani Palkhiwala (runners up, best orator); GNLU International Moot Court (runners up); ULC Bangalore Moot (runners-up); Willem C Vis Vienna (best orator hon. mention)
12. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RGNUL) Patiala 18 Henry Dunant national rounds (best researcher); NLIU Tankha (best team); ULC Bangalore Moot (Best Memorial)
13. Law Centre I (LC-I) Delhi University 14 Henry Dunant Indian rounds (best memorial), Jessup North (runner-up)
14. Nuals Kochi 13 Surana Trial Advocacy North (runners-up); Jessup South (best memorial); Surana International Tech Moot (runners up)
15. University Institute of Laws PURC, Ludhiana 11 Surana trial advocacy north rounds (best team, best orator)
16. CMR Law School, Bangalore 10 ULC Bangalore Moot (best orator, best researcher)
16. Kerala Law Academy Thiruvananthapuram 10 Stetson South (best team)
16. NLU Delhi 10 DM Harish (best team)
19. UILS Punjab 8 Surana Trial advocacy South (runners up, best orator)
20. HNLU Raipur 7 Stetson North (best orator)
20. New Law College Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune 7 Stetson South (runner-up)
22. CNLU Patna 5 GNLU International Moot (best memorial)
22. Government Law College Ernakulam 5 MM Singhvi (best orator)
22. Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad 5 Surana Trial Advocacy North (best memorial)
22. ULC Bangalore 5 All India Corporate Law Moot (best memorial)
26. Campus Law Centre Delhi 3 SP Sathe (runners up)