Mooting Premier League (MPL)

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The Legally India Mooting Premier League (MPL) was started in 2009 by Legally India and GNLU Gandhinagar final year student Vinay Mishra.

The MPL tracks the progress of Indian law schools over more than 30 national and international moot court competitions.

The winners of the 2009-10 MPL were Nalsar Hyderabad, followed by NLSIU Bangalore and NUJS Kolkata.

2010-11 MPL moot court competitions

The 2010-11 academic year MPL will include more moots than last year and proposes to introduce a tier 5 moot category.

Please help by completing this list of Moot court competitions.

The Mooting Premier League has developed criteria for scoring moots in the 2009-10 season.

Please leave your comments on the page for the Mooting Premier League scoring criteria on how to improve this for next year.

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