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These are a list of moot court competitions that are or could be part of the Mooting Premier League (MPL).

Each Moot is allocated points in the Mooting Premier League according to the scoring criteria

Please help by adding more moots below and completing each moot's page with contact details or known event dates or other background information about each competitions that could be helpful for other mooters.

Mooting competitions that were included in the 2009-10 MPL

Tier 1 moots

Suggested tier 1 additions for 2010-11 MPL

  • ...

Tier 2 moots

Suggested tier 2 additions for 2010-11 MPL

  • ...

Tier 3 moots

Suggested tier 3 additions for 2010-11 MPL

  • ...

Tier 4 moots

Suggested tier 4 additions for 2010-11 MPL

  • ...

2010-11 proposed additional moot court competitions

Tier 5 (proposed)

  • TBC - Moot A
  • TBC - Moot B

Additions to other tiers or suggestions for other competitions

  • Proposals here, TBC, with proposed tier
  • Etc.
  • International Criminal Court (ICC) Competition, Hague (Feb 2011)
  • NUS Infrastructure Moot Court Competition (May-June 2011)
  • John Marshall International Law School International Moot Court competition on IT and Privacy law (Oct 2010)
  • World Human Rights Moot Court Competition, Pretoria, South Africa (December 2010)
  • International ADR Mooting Competition, Hong Kong (August 2010)
  • Foreign Direct Investment Moot, California (October 2010)
  • International Air and Space Law Moot Court Competition, Leiden University (February 2011)
  • RIZVI Law College Moot Court Competition (August 2010)